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Labour must unite to voice the anger of a working class revolt against political elites

workers unitedMost Labour voters who backed Brexit did so because of the greater insecurity and drop in living standards they have suffered because of the effects of neoliberalism and austerity.

It was, as Owen Jones wrote a “working class revolt against the political establishment” achieved through the “furious, alienated working-class votes” cast against “the lack of affordable housing; the lack of secure jobs; stagnating living standards; strained public services” albeit seen through the prism of immigration and in a country divided between regions and nations, between generations and between metropolitan centres and their peripheries.

These are the people who were made to pay the highest price for the bankers crisis – they must not pay for Brexit. During the campaign, Tory Remainers were happy to remain silent as Jeremy Corbyn defended the protection of workers rights associated with EU membership. The right-wing Brexiters were silent on the subject, but now the Tories will unite in their desire to sacrifice workers rights in the interests of the “flexible Labour markets“, an enthusiasm they share with the 4.5%ers.

We must become a social movement that gives voice to this anger of working class voters. Momentum is the agent of change, turning the Labour Party into the movement that Jeremy Corbyn talked about last summer, winning support for building affordable housing, creating secure jobs, ensuring rising living standards for ordinary people and expanding public services.

Unfortunately, There are a couple of Labour MPs who have other ideas, Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey, who both plan to retire at the next election. They think the priority, for a Labour Party faced with a divided Tory party and a country now united only in its demoralisation, is to undermine the leader elected with the first preference votes of 59.5% of the half-a-million voters last summer.

They want Labour MPs to vote by secret ballot on that vote of confidence so that those who seek to thwart the wishes of those who both elect the leader and select parliamentary candidates are immune from any repercussions. They seek to subvert the party’s democracy and to divide the party.  And they must be stopped from doing so.

Party members must demand unity. They must demand that any attempt to subvert the party’s democracy is rejected, openly, by show of hands, at a meeting of the parliamentary party.






  1. Tony says:

    “There are a couple of Labour MPs who have other ideas, Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey, who both plan to retire at the next election.”

    Well, let’s hope you are right about that.

    I well remember how, in 2006, Hodge gave an interview in which she exaggerated support for the BNP in her borough. That publicity reversed their decline and they won 12 seats and did well in many other places.

    I would trust Corbyn’s judgment over hers any day of the week.

    Owen Jones:

    “One senior MP – on the right, but constructive – identifies two groupings of parliamentary opponent. One faction believes that Labour is probably unelectable under the current leadership; the other concurs, but would be vehemently opposed to a Corbyn premiership assuming power in any case. If Labour looked likely to come to power with its current political direction, in other words, they would sabotage its prospects. “

  2. John Penney says:

    Fine words , but if “Momentum is the agent of change”, Jon, it is way past time for the Momentum leadership to actually start transforming Momentum into a properly organised mass Left movement within Labour.

    That means a mass radical Left movement that actually has a democratic internal life – constructing radical Left policy options for the Party and co-ordinating the struggle to get the Party to adopt them. The currently utterly useless Momentum national website needs to actually help build and mobilise Momentum supporters/members across the UK, by providing information on local Momentum groups – and contact points for Momentum supporters to join these groups. Rather than the Momentum website majoring in the superficial trivia of selling trendy Left merchandise.

    The battle for the soul of the Labour Party is now underway – and unless Momentum becomes a properly democratic activist organisation – able to debate policy options (the recent discussion-free Momentum plebiscite on adopting the Stay or Leave EU position, and the discussion-free mysterious ” smoke filled room emergence” of the “Centre Left” NEC Slate , being examples of the current passive nature of Momentum “membership” as a national entity), we will remain a “stage army” for a handful of essentially self appointed “leaders”.

  3. Gerald Allen says:

    Due to age catching up with me and not being as fit as I used to be I wasn’t able to do much in this campaign, so I’ll apologise for not being able to play a part in this campaign. What was obvious to myself and I assume most on the left was that while the Remain camps emphasis on the economic fears on jobs, security was effective though served up with buckets of hyperbole it had started to get a grip on people, so therefore the Brexiteers did what the Tories did in the 2015 general election with the SNP scare tactics which won them the election campaign and started to play the Immigration card and it worked for them, with Farage leading the pack(which has been his raison’d’etre for the last 25 years). The only silver lining on this cloud has been the premature destruction of Camerons and Osbornes careers.
    Surely, anyone who had a smithering of socialism in their being would feel the alarm bells ringing after seeing Farage addressing his campaign staff yesterday morning, Make no mistake, he sees his opportunity now to gather up the disaffected Labour supporters and give him a stronger parliamentary representation in a general election that he and the Brexiteers in the Tory government hope that they can force in the next few months, trying to get a 2/3rds majority vote in the HOCs to annul the 5 year parliament Bill on the pretext that they need a strong Brexit government with a big majority to stand up to the Brussels beaurocracy.And in light of this situation what do the latterday Ramsay McDonalds of the Parliamentary Labour Party do; call for a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn over his handling of Labours campaign, Not that Alan Johnson was absolutely useless away from Portillo’s side on Andrew Neils sofa, or that Hilary Benn couldn’t get Leeds to vote for remain or that females answer to Pierre Lavalle couldn’t stop Doncaster voting 61% in Don Valleyand the rest of Doncaster; I could go on with the rest of the shadow cabinet but I think that that is enough of an example of how corrupt that the PLP is that they see this crisis as an opportunity to depose Corbyn rather than stand up and fight for all working people and the rest of society against what will be a set of hard rightwing Tories that will make Cameron and Osbourn look human.

    1. Bazza says:

      Good points Gerald but Leeds voted Remain 50.3% to 49.7%.

      1. Gerald Allen says:

        Sorry Bazza; Should have checked more thoroughly, mistaking South Yorkshire and Doncaster my hometown with the rest of Yorkshire.

        1. Bazza says:

          It’s ok my friend.
          It’s my city and I was proud.

  4. alana moralen says:

    Name one person who said they voted ‘just to vote against the political elite.’
    Nonsense. People voted partly as a protest but mainly because of decades of racist British politics. Since Thatcher, the UK political system has blamed foreigners for everything it can – and poor ones, not the rich ones that buy up all the UK real estate and politicians to write corrupt laws for them. The UK press is owned by fewer people than any other in western Europe.
    UKIP didn’t tap into some anti establishment thing, they tapped into a blatantly racist thing, which is clear from the statements made by those who voted OUT.
    Don’t blame this on the working class (a thing that ceased to exist in politics for decades anyway, only recently resurfacing), this covers all socio economic groups and the drive for it comes from that elite group that went to the same school as the PM and from that elite group that have bribed politicians into letting them run the media.
    Jones needs to take a wake up pill and look at what happened, which was racist grumpy old people who have had 35 years racist indoctrination

    1. John Penney says:

      You are completely, hopelessly, arrogantly, wrong, , Alana. Working class voters , of all ages, emerged from a long political hibernation to ignore the most extraordinary propaganda offensive by all sections of the capitalist state (including their Labour Right servants) in favour of the neoliberal status quo, to vote in their millions for a vague and confused “Sod you we want a fundamental change to our crappy life quality” Leave option.

      If you seriously believe the bulk of these Leave voters were simply “grumpy , old” rabid racists you are simply in a dream world of denial. Rabid racism of course was there plenty as a motive for “Leavers – but most of the working class Leave vote (as derived from countless poll questionnaires) was actually based on a whole raft of working class dissatisfactions with their huge 30 year decline in living standards and life opportunities, and even the possibility of living in decent social or private housing, AND the quite accurate understanding that , particularly in the lower skilled job market, unlimited labour supply has caused a race to the bottom in wages, conditions and opportunity.

      The bulk of the huge working class vote for “Leave” are past or present Labour voters (plus of course that significant section of the working class who have always supported the Tories). Writing off genuine , and actually well-founded concerns of millions of working class people about their powerlessness in the face of 30 years of neoliberalism generally, and the impact of the unprecedented unlimited competitive labour supply from the EU, on UK workers, as down to :
      “racist grumpy old people who have had 35 years racist indoctrination”,

      is simply pathetic for anyone who seriously wants to understand the Brexit vote, and equally importantly, help the Labour Party re-connect with this huge working class voter base, through the political offer of a comprehensive radical economic development , housing, jobs, and infrastructure programme that will answer most of the genuine deprivations that are leading too many working class people into the arms of the Far Right.

      1. Mervyn Hyde (@mjh0421) says:

        Not that it is a legitimate sample, but all those working class people I saw interviewed about why the voted it, they gave positive responses to stop immigrants coming over here. Making in some cases the only reason for voting out.

        Ironically they must be delighted to hear that all the politicians they supported have now declared that they want free movement of labour across the continent.

        The idiot Farage has also within hours of gaining victory said that the NHS won’t be getting the £340 million as advertised their campaign bus.

        1. john P Reid says:

          never occurred that the news wanted to create a story so they went around and found the odd person who said it was immigrants, did you actually speak to many working class people on the door step

      2. John Walsh says:

        Spot on analysis John Penny – working class voters ’emerging from political hibernation … ignoring the neoliberal propaganda offensive … voting for fundamental change’.

        I voted Leave to oust Cameron and what a powerful mark that simple ‘x’ on the ballot paper now feels – real democratic power and a feeling no doubt shard with millions of working class voters. All that pain and in the end we got the bastard with a pencil mark on a piece of paper.

        So much follows from ousting Cameron. But the need to now understand the electorate has probably never been greater. I agree with your comment about powerlessness and feel that a key to winning the upcoming snap general election is finding ways to tap into the fleeting feeling of empowerment against the neoliberal elites which the Referendum provided.

        1. Jim Denham says:

          The simple fact is that the overwhelming motivation behind vote Leave was hostility to ,immigration. It was a racist vote, and we’re now seeing the results in terms of increased racist attacks,, many of which are being done explicitly in the name of the referendum result. Some of us predicted and warned about this, but the ‘Morning Star’, “Lexit”Q and the rest of the idiot-left wouldn’t have it.

          What we do about this is more difficult. Clearly, Labour must reconnect with its working class voters who have been taken in by the racist agenda of the Brexit campaign. We have arguments to enable us to at least attempt to do that. But the “left” Brexiteers need to stay out of active involvement in politics until they have gone down on theirm knees and begged forgiveness for their foul, filthy role in all this.

          1. john P Reid says:

            any proof that the leave vote was hostility to immigration, the Thames estery
            imagine the asian small business woman who voted For Mrs Thatcer as her values appealed to them when the 1983 labour mainfesto of leaving hte EEC was fought on, did we hear, that the laobur arty then was spouting racism towards immigrants,
            ,yes there have been many quotes on twitter that ,racist incidents have increased although, they haven’t resulted in convictions or been proved to be commected to the result and Everyone from dan hannan to Fargae & gisela stuart had said there would’nt be a decrease in immigration if we left,but the others issues form soverignity to the economy were reasons people voted for Brexit

            unless….the working class is racist as we are thick and needed, Poly toynbee to tell us why our opinion was wrong and we should be greatful for her from her villa in Tuscany to know how we could be as clever as she is

          2. John Penney says:

            You are a truly comic figure, Jim, with your overheated verbiage, and utter failure to understand the complex motivations amongst millions of working class voters for the Brexit victory.

            Write off over 17 million people as uniformly “knuckle dragging racists” and you are displaying only your isolated Left bubble arrogance, rather than any political analytical skills.

  5. Frank heyes says:

    Well well, John Walsh you voted to leave so you could get rid of Cameron, that is a pathetic reason for voting to leave. I myself look at the arguments the Brexit campaigners were putting forward and found that they were late ly telling porkies. I then look at what the remainders were saying and found out that it wasn’t the whole truth but it was better than the brexiters so, I based my vote, which was to stay, on what I had researched. I have no regrets in voting no. If people had done their research properly I honestly think we would still be in, unfortunately, I don’t think people did do their own research instead they believed, Johnson, Gove and Farage which is now being to come to light that they were lying through their back teeth therefore, some of the people that voted to leave were duped. Mainly it was based on immigration and democracy. More immigrants came from outside the EU as for democracy, the EU is near enough as democratic as the UK.

  6. Karl Stewart says:

    Excellent article Jon,
    Whether people on the left voted ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’, the vote went for ‘Leave’.

    Absolutely everyone was stunned by the unexpected result, but that was the result.

    Now everyone on the left MUST, MUST, MUST united against the right and fight as hard as we can for a socialist and working-political, industrial and economic agenda.

    How utterly typical of the Blairite right to immediately respond by launching a highly divisive and disgraceful attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

    But great to see the leaders of the most important trade unions immediately condemning them.

    And great to wake up this morning to the news that Corbyn has sacked the traitor Hilary Benn.

    The fightback against the right has begun – and everyone on the left, whether a ‘Remainer’ or a ‘Leaver’ MUST, MUST, MUST unite behind Corbyn’s leadership.

    The statement by the leaders of the biggest unions in support of Cior

    Corbyn has fired Hilary Benn – the fightback against the right hasbegun – and we need

  7. Karl Stewart says:

    (Could have done with an edit there – apologies)

    (This bit should have read): “Now everyone on the left MUST, MUST, MUST united against the right and fight as hard as we can for a socialist and working-class political, industrial and economic agenda.”

    (And is bit should have been the last sentence) :
    “The fightback against the right has begun – and everyone on the left, whether a ‘Remainer’ or a ‘Leaver’ MUST, MUST, MUST unite behind Corbyn’s leadership.”

    1. Jim Denham says:

      But we can’t unite with “left” idiots who’ve backed the racists of Brexit.

      1. john P Reid says:

        Who backed remain, mail on Sunday “immigrants take out jobs” jeremy clarkson, William hague, let me take you to a foreign land,its not racist to say asylum seekers are bogus, wink,wink

        Diane Abbott all white people are raicst,they love to play divide and rule

        So leavers shouldn’t work with raicst remainers then

      2. Karl Stewart says:

        JimD, it’s important to show some sensitivity to the hurt feelings of our comrades and friends who were disappointed by the result.

        But we’re not going to re-run the EU referendum arguments. That’s over, we are where we are. No-one on the left will be demanding or offering ‘apologies’ to one another. We all took positions we thought were rights and in the interests of the socialist cause and that divisive period is now well and truly over.

        In the urgent situation we’re in now, it’s imperative for the left to unite and present a socialist, working-class political, industrial and economic agenda.

        In this uncertain period, in which there are both dangers and opportunities, unity is absolutely essential in order to resist the dangers and make the most of the opportunities.

        The most urgent task today is to fight off the attack on Corbyn by the Blairites, who have, with quite remarkable selfishness, decided that a prolongued bout of infighting is the most important priority in the midst of the current uncertainty.

        They’ve decided they want to destroy the left. They’ve picked a fight with us, and the unity of the left is crucial to ensuring these scumbags get the beating they deserve.

        A demonstration has. I understand, been called for this evening in London by Momentum in solidarity with Corbyn. We all need to get along there if we can.

        Be with the left and against the Blairites.

  8. Karl Stewart says:

    No-one on the left who voted ‘Leave’ should celebrate this result – a result which has caused deep upset and worry to so many of our ‘Left-Remain’ comrades, friends and family members.

    There is no time for either celebrations or recriminations on the left over this – the result is the result and we are where we are.

    To young workers, we need to prioritise a positive industrial agenda, which will open up proper apprenticeships to all.

    To the young students, we need to prioritise the complete abolition of student fees.

    We need to fight for the rebuilding of manufacturing, the renationalisation of the privatised services and utilities, and a comprehensive council-house building programme.

    The fight to defeat the racist right, and the traitorous Red Tories within the Labour Party can only be successfully built on the solid foundation of serious, working-class policies like these.

    1. John P Reid says:

      Well said Karl, but this could se the remainers, feel genuine anger not at the Kelvin Hopkins, Jon Cryer, Denis Skinners, but our leader ?

    2. Jim Denham says:

      Are you now going to admit that you made a terrible mistake, backing the racist right? If so, get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness, because that’s what you’ve done. Karl. We warned you, but you idiots wouldn’t listen: and now the racist attacks have begun: you irresponsible idiots!

      1. Karl Stewart says:

        Take some time out, calm yourself. Deal with the actual situation we’re actually in today.

        I won’t be discussing the EU referendum debate again. We’re out, that’s that.

      2. John Penney says:

        Stop behaving like a spoilt child, Jim. Your sectarian tantrum rhetoric is just embarrassing. Face the reality of Brexit – and the huge working class support this route commanded – and try to grasp that for millions of the Brexit working class vote it was the Austerity Offensive and housing and low wages , and the job and wages competition from an unlimited labour supply (not necessarily the same thing as racism, Jim – try to grasp that) , that decided their vote. All issues a comprehensive radical Left policy offer can address.

        1. Karl Stewart says:

          Deep disappointment at the result among the Left-Remain minority is understandable and something the rest of the left must be sympathetic and understanding towards.

          But there does need to come a point at which the left re-unites behind the need to address the current reality – and please don’t risk inadvertently assisting the Blairite right who have a right-wing agenda of their own of ditching Corbyn and smashing the left.

          Read arch-Blairite Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian to see how they’re looking to mobilise disappointed Left-Remainers to their cause.

        2. Bazza says:

          Yes John a significant number of those “who have nothing and who have nothing to lose” voted out but Labour did manage to get 63% of its voters to back Remain.
          Que sera and now fight for socialism in the new developing framework.
          A questioner on Question Time also made an interesting point – why is the Right Wing Coup in Labour happening now and he wondered if it may be due to the up and coming Chilcot Report on Iraq? (which may crucify New Labour). Now is the time for all socialists to stand by Jeremy.

  9. Bazza says:

    I voted In because I saw a possible left wing transition in the EC as one potential international (but difficult) framework for building a more egalitarian World.
    That framework has now gone and we now have a new and developing framework for fighting for exactly the same things but we must appeal to the progressive middle class and the “Left Behind” sections of the working class and from anecdotal evidence I feel the Labour working class Outers (37% of our voters) will come back to us in a General Election.
    With the rise of Right Wing forces we also have to build a stronger and diverse community solidarity!
    And apart from the serious consequences of our pension funds probably being hit it was interesting to read in yesterday’s Guardian that with the Brexit stock market hit (a final £52b loss) the top 15 richest people in the UK lost £4b between them and this included the likes of Phillip Green and Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct so perhaps what goes around comes around!
    Jeremy in my view is the best Labour Leader we have ever had because he IS a socialist and stands for what he believes in and is brutally honest which is refreshing.
    He also showed strong leadership in sacking Benn (I would have done it 6 months ago when he voted to bomb Syria) but I have been laughing all morning at Benn’s comment ie “I rang Jeremy up and told him I had no confidence in his leadership (ie you should be sacked) and he sacked me!” Ha! Ha! Poor Benn perhaps not the sharpest tool in the toolbox.
    So with the Tories in a mess with the Sunday Telegraph headline blaring, “Tories at War!” what do our Right Wing self-appointed great men and women of history (without an original idea in their heads) do?
    But perhaps those who the Gods seek to destroy first send them mad and we now have the Right resigning from the Shadow Cabinet and some of the PLP calling for a no confidence vote on Jeremy (and where were their ideas for addressing austerity and migration concerns?) but we need to be clear on one thing this is the Right Wing top down Neo-Liberals in Labour trying to re-assert their power over YOU; it is fundamentally an attack on grassroots Labour members power and now is the time for all good socialists to come to the aid of Jeremy and the party.
    We need a PLP full of decent progressive middle class and working class left wing democratic socialists who fight to end austerity and fight to eliminate poverty uniting the progressive middle class and the diverse working class in the process.
    Oh and we could just have a shadow cabinet with Jeremy supporters in, even if it only means 10 posts & people could have 2 briefs each.
    Perhaps we could even consider bringing in some left wing Labour members from outside who would be happy to say, “Right, let’s kick some (Right Wing) ass!”
    So apart from Jeremy supporting MPs and those who are not hostile this member has no confidence in the Labour Shadow Cabinet, potentially no confidence in the Deputy Leader (who I didn’t vote for but there was not much choice), and no confidence in hostile members of the PLP.
    Whilst millions of diverse working class/working people are enduring austerity and poverty one wonders what Mrs Brown (from the BBC comedy ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’) would say to these Right Wing Labour MPs who make a fat living out of us all?

  10. Bazza says:

    So we should be attacking the Tories and the referendum campaign for Boris Johnson wasn’t probably really about the EC, he probably didn’t even believe in what he was saying.
    He probably didn’t expect to, or want to win – it was the start of his Tory Leadership bid but the real electorate he was after was the Tory Grassroots.
    Oh and all these attacks on Labour which got 63% of its voters to vote Remain; why is there not a focus on the Tories?
    If they had got 63% of their voters to vote Remain then In would have WON!
    Most politicians today it could be argued are bourgeois politicians (they rule for big business really) and perhaps don’t say what they believe but what they think the public wants to hear.
    But Jeremy like me is a left wing democratic socialist who says what he believes openly and honestly.
    During the referendum campaign he said in a free market of 500m people with the free movement of capital and the free movement of labour you cannot have migration controls which is brutally frank and refreshing; the only Leader in the campaign who was honest.
    So don’t worry Jeremy the vast majority of grassroots Labour members are with you and don’t worry about the ex-Shadow Cabinet members and the Labour Right – they are political nonentities!
    Our priority now is to try to unite the diverse progressive middle class and the diverse working class/working people including the “Left Behind” diverse working class.
    We need to fight to end austerity and poverty.
    And with the EC get good trade deals and deals in other areas re support for our migrants in Spain etc. plus opps for young people to work, live and study in the EC.
    And deals for Universities and for Science.
    Socialists I always believe should be about interventions and good management including managing migration.
    We also need to develop our plans for state-led public investment to grow the economy out of austerity including windfall taxes on big business and more democratic public ownership of key industries with communities having a say so people have more control of their society.
    Through the EC I wanted a Corbyn Govt to fight to have Greece’s debts written off but we can still be internationalist by perhaps including Greece in our overseas aid so they have basic foods and medicines etc. as an act of international solidarity and wouldn’t it be a good act of international friendship to also give them the Elgin Marbles back.
    So address poverty and inequality plus prmote diversity in the UK and try to offer solidarity internationally.
    With best wishes.

  11. Bazza says:

    Oh and perhaps it would be good to reassure current migrants that they are ok to stay as a lot will be feeling worried.
    And as well as maintaining our commitment to a fair and compassionate refugee system in Labour’s review of migration policy we could look at a triple lock on migration (a) 10% adult working population (b) migration adjustment funds for councils ((c) trade unionise migrant workers so for example Polish workers etc. could join a trade union -Solidarnosc!

  12. Bazza says:

    Watson is a disgrace!
    He should be keeping Labour together instead of taking sides I CALL ON WATSON TO RESIGN!
    He barely got 50% whilst Jeremy has a massive mandate.
    The problem in Labour is we have some Lions at the top surrounded by Donkeys surrounded by mainly grassroots Lions!
    There are thousands of great middle class and working class left wing democratic socialists who are ready to take the places of the Donkeys!
    We should fight to end austerity and poverty as build love and solidarity amongst our diverse population plus international solidarity.
    The crappy Right Wing Labour MPs are not up to the job.
    Now is the time for all good left wing democratic socialists to come to the aid of Jeremy and the Party!

    1. Mervyn Hyde (@mjh0421) says:

      We should now organise street campaigns telling people that our democracy is at stake and that these are the very politicians that voted for a war which caused the immigration problems that they complain about.

      We are going to have a meeting of Momentum members locally and organise street demonstrations to expose these lying treacherous bastards who have planned this down to drip drip feed to the media.

    2. john Reid says:

      Bazza how many of either Caroline Flint or Stella’s supporters had Tom as their second choice, I just couldn’t bring myself to back Stella,as she comes form such a middle class part of Essex, she wouldn’t have a clue about the working class there,If I’d put caroline as my first choice,and she’d been knocked out Tom may have won the 4th round with 60%

  13. Bazza says:

    He should go.
    His job is to back the leader and not take sides.
    It’s almost funny some people are wrong calling for another EC eferendum and not accepting a democratic result.
    And the Right Wing in Labour want another election because they can’t accept the democratic result of Jeremy.
    Perhaps we should be asking if Labour got 63% of its voters to vote Remain how many Tory voters did the Tories deliver?
    But this is a Right Wing Labour coup!
    Jeremy can end austerity and end poverty as well as trying to build diverse community solidarity.
    The Neo-Liberal Right in Labour don’t want to end austerity and poverty and simply haven’t got the bottle to fight.
    As millions suffer grotesque poverty and inequality and millions care about them that should be our priority but if the nonentities want war they will get war.

  14. Bazza says:

    This is an attack on the power of grassroots Labour members and an attempt by the Right Wing so-called self-proclaimed great men and women of history (without an original idea in their heads) to grab of power back.
    A power which caused a War in Iraq and the deserting of poor working class communities in the first place!
    Now is the time for all good socialists to come to the aid of Jeremy and the party!

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