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Left take strong lead in election for Labour’s national executive

Inside Labour NEC electionsAlthough the final nominations have not yet been published in the election for constituency representatives on Labour’s national executive, the left moved into a decisive lead this week. Although nominations, most of which have been made by constituency delegates elected prior to the Corbyn surge of last summer, are likely to understate the left’s support in an OMOV election, left candidates still occupy 6 out of the top eight places and seem likely on this showing to win at least 5 of the 6 places available.

The current position is as follows:

  • Johanna Baxter, who was in second place for nominations in 2014 as an independent, looks likely to lose her place, though she is now backed by both right-wing organisations Labour First and Progress.
  • The left’s Christine Shawcroft is back in 2nd place having been in sixth place last time, followed by Pete Willsman of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy in the highest place he  has ever achieved, up one place from 2014.
  • Ellie Reeves, who probably benefitted by not being supported by Progress in 2014, has risen to fourth place with their support this time but still cannot be certain of a place – Pete Willsman finished 7th having been 4th in nominations last time and only got onto the NEC because Kate Osamor was elected as an MP.
  • Although Bex Bailey is in joint fifth place with two left candidates, she has been heavily promoted, with social-media advertising, by Progress (who are backed by Sainsbury funding). This is likely to

The full list of nominations as at Wednesday 22 June is as follows:

Ann Black Left 257 1
Christine Shawcroft Left 155 2
Pete Willsman Left 131 3
Ellie Reeves Right 130 4
Bex Bailey Right 117 5=
Claudia Webbe Left 117 5=
Darren Williams Left 117 5=
Rhea Wolfson Left 107 8
Johanna Baxter Right 105 9
Luke Akehurst Right 97 10
Parmjit Dhanda Right 91 11
Eddie Izzard Ind 78 12
Peter Wheeler Right 76 13
John Gallagher Ind 21 14
Amanat Gill Ind 3 15


  1. rod says:

    Nice to have some good news.

    Unfortunately a section of the PLP appear to have taken leave of their senses.

    Petitions in support of Corbyn here:

    1. Tony says:

      I would urge everybody to sign that petition and then write to a Labour MP and urge him/her to support Corbyn. 8,000 messages of support for Corbyn to each Labour MP should put a stop to this nonsense.

      As for those who have resigned, good riddance to the lot of them! I hope that they face a selection challenge in their constituencies.

      The hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking. Corbyn is blamed for not winning the Euro referendum. But one person who has not received any criticism at all is Gisele Stuart MP who was one of the most prominent Brexiters.

      And let us not forget Stephen Kinnock. Has he not forgotten how long his useless father was allowed to stay on as Labour leader? He stayed on even after the disastrous 1987 election where he barely improved on 1983.

      1. Tony says:

        Two corrections:

        800 not 8,000

        Gisela Stuart

      2. john P Reid says:

        one reason labour didn’t do wel afte r1987,was the public thought labour was more extremist in 1987 than 1983, remember that Tory election poster, Bernie Grant the police got a bloody good hiding, Diane Abbot all white people are racist, Jeremy Corbyn, it doesn’t matter if we lose the election,the tories will be brought down by actions outside parliament, one bloke said the brighton bomb was a justified act of self defence
        that campaign saw labours percentage of the vote go down on 1983 in london

        yes But Gisela isn’t leader ,so how could she be seen as not being loyal to the party policy of remain

        1. Tony says:

          The Conservative election poster came about because Kinnock had never seriously made the case for Britain abandoning its nuclear weapons. We now know that he never actually supported that policy at all.

          As a result, he faced a question from David Frost. Instead of challenging the ridiculous nature of the question, Kinnock accepted the logic of it and the Conservatives then responded with those posters. Even then, Kinnock made absolutely no effort to challenge such nonsense.

          As for Bernie Grant, he did not actually approve of the policeman being killed. Assuming the he actually said the words that are attributed to him, it is perfectly possible to interpret them as a statement of belief (not a statement of approval).

          I trust this answers your question.

      3. James Martin says:

        For anyone wondering where Owen Jones is, it’s ok, you can always rely on a Liberal in a crisis to think about their media career first, never mind that an ongoing and very dangerous anti-democratic coup that could easily lead to the lunatic wrecking faction in the PLP splitting the Party and in effect becoming an SDP MkII, our Owen will be wringing his hands sat on the fence in the Guardian back garden:

  2. John P Reid says:

    Why are Parmjit and Jo Bqxter listed as right?, they’re not part of the labour first slate, even if labour first members may say vote for them
    . Surprised at Gloria De Perio, resigning from Shad cabinet, when she’s organizing cinference,she got to help the leader keep it together

  3. Matty says:

    Some of those listed as right aren’t too bad eg Ellie on Colombia has been great. However, we need to be sure that the NEC supports Jeremy – vote left all the way from me.

  4. Charlie Mansell says:

    What percentage of CLP’s voted single slate only and what percentage voted mixed slate? The problems with analyses like these is they assume 45% for this slate and 40% for the other when the reality over the last 16 years is between a third to half of members vote mixed slate. We can see this as the NEC split has been 3-3 and 4-2 most of the time which clearly evidences split ticket voting. This may shift left a bit but it does not look as much as one might have thought. Also the majority of CLP’s have had their AGMs in the last year and the amount of delegate change is obviously not as much as people think partly because so many people were rejoining the party so knew who the people there already. The lack of acknowledgement of the large amount of split ticket voting shows that the quality of internal party psephology really needs to improve

  5. Nick Wall says:

    Which is partly why the coup is taking place now : the plotters know that a successful challenge will be more difficult once the NEC has shifted decisively to the left and Conference has put democratic safeguards in place .

  6. This is great news. I hope that all readers will work very hard to secure the election of the Centre Left Grass Roots Alliance candidates

  7. andrea says:

    Where are the final nominations? why do they take so long to add the remaining CLPs? is the Labour staff too busy right now?

  8. peter willsman says:

    The sun is at last shining on the righteous(ie the CLGA Slate).I am now well ahead of Fixer-Luke,despite him appearing on LabourList more times than I’ve had hot dinners.It is really good that F-L is well behind our Rhea,given that he said Rhea was cheating.

    1. john P Reid says:

      where did he say Rhea was cheating ,I’;d think less of Luke if this is true, and as such would consider not voting for him

  9. Bazza says:

    Yes I am supporting all the Left 6!
    By the way the Right in Labour with the support of the media tomorrow are to launch their latest attack saying ordinary members across the country are not happy with Jeremy.
    Make no mistake as socialists this is the fight of our lives for a potential Socialist Government under Jeremy.
    Brothers and sisters now is the time for all good socialists to come to the aid of Jeremy!

  10. Bazza says:

    Oh and as a white working class socialist can I say a lovely Asian male friend of mine told me he joined Labour because of Jeremy.
    He also told me to tell you all that with the massive increase in members that Jeremy has brought in he has brought in millions of pounds for Labour!
    Can you imagine any of these Right wing Labour cretins like Benn et al being able to do that?
    Stand firm brothers and sisters and stand firm Jeremy – we are up against nonentities!

    1. Tony says:

      Very good.

      These MPs are making the case for mandatory re-selection.

  11. John says:

    Anyone who was out canvassing as I was for Labour In knows just what a desperate liability Corbyn has become on the doorsteps, a sad, ineffectual and ineffectual vehicle for others. We must get rid of him and here is one of the many petition sites that are urging activists to join in the effort

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