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Trump exempts British citizens from “Muslim ban” after pressure from UK

Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_4Donald Trump conceded ground to opposition last night by exempting British dual citizens from his Executive Order, dubbed by many as a ‘Muslim ban’, which prohibits any entry to the United States from seven majority-muslim countries, namely, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

After Theresa May instructed Amber Rudd and Boris Johnson to lobby their US counterparts, the policy seems to have relaxed marginally, as the Foreign Office confirmed that the ban will only apply to British dual citizens flying directly from the countries identified, meaning that dual citizens could fly from the UK or another, unaffected country. It will still, however, prevent millions of Muslims from the seven countries from travelling to the US at all. 

Initially Theresa May refused to condemn Trump’s Executive Order, telling reporters at a press conference in Turkey on Saturday that, “The United States is responsible for the United States’ policy on refugees. The United Kingdom is responsible for the United Kingdom’s policy on refugees”. She later backtracked, when late on Sunday night her office issued a statement saying she “does not agree” with the policy.

Jeremy Corbyn appeared on Peston on Sunday to condemn the ban, and called for Donald Trump’s state visit in the summer to be cancelled unless he scraps it:

I’m not happy with him coming here until that ban is lifted, quite honestly. Look at what’s happening with those countries, how many is it going to be? And what’s going to be the long-term effect of this on the rest of the world?

I think we need to find out exactly what his intentions are in the long run and how much the US parliamentary system is actually going to protect fundamental rights and laws.

The immediate impact of the ban was felt across airports in the US on Friday night, as hundreds of people were detained on arrival at various airports such as John F. Kennedy International, in New York, denied access to legal counsel, and even questioned about their political views. Eventually, a federal judge issued a court order declaring that no person could be deported under the order.

The ban provoked huge opposition in the UK, with more than a million people signing a petition calling for the cancellation of Trump’s state visit, and celebrated public figures such as Sir Mo Farah, who is affected by the policy as he is Somali-born and lives in America, coming out to condemn the ban. It is thought that Nadhim Zahawi’s intervention on Sunday morning proved crucial in provoking a U-turn from Theresa May. Zahawi appeared on Marr, criticising the policy and making it clear how he would personally be affected. The Iraq-born Tory MP, who’s sons attend Princeton University in the US, retweeted a picture of Winston Churchill on Saturday night with the caption:

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

A demonstration against the Executive Order is to take place outside Downing Street tonight.


  1. Gary Elsby says:

    Isn’t it a bit Tory to accept this as being ok?
    It’s not ok and Great Britain should stand up and put Trumpism in its place.
    It’s just not ok that a British man ok and someone else is not.
    It’s racism and it’s State racism.

  2. Bazza says:

    Just been on a fantastic demo in Leeds, about 1,500 and a very diverse crowd plus loads of young people which gives you hope.
    Just need some better chants but great homemade posters!
    Have to say felt physically sick when I saw the picture of Trump briefly holding May’s hand but it’s just an act – they share the same values – both represent those (and Trump is one) who legally steal our surplus labour – our wealth but pretend to be for working people to try to con the masses!
    Just wonder if Trump is legally allowed to enter the UK as he may have contravened the Geneva Convention with his comments on torture.
    I think the Human Rights Agency has also said his policy to ban whole populations is illegal.
    Trump is a poorly read Moron – he sees whole groups/populations as though they are homogenous (all the same).
    It like we are all watching a Reality TV show but it is unfortunately real and even more horrible but diverse working humanity must unite and fight! International Solidarity!

  3. Chris says:

    It’s not a Muslim ban.

  4. Tony says:

    I take it that these are all countries where Trump does not have business interests!

    Craig Murray’s website carries an interesting article which deals with this subject.

  5. Kate Thomas says:

    We had a brilliant demo against Trump’s #MuslimBan last night in Falmouth, Cornwall. Population 33.5 across Falmouth & Penryn. States here 400-500 people attended, others say 700.

  6. Bazza says:

    Further to my point about Trump seeing groups and populations as homogenous (all the same).
    He at a stroke labels 100% of 7 countries (mainly Muslims) but what is so-called IS but what 1% of one perspective of Islam?
    Trump therefore does give so-Called IS the narrative it desperately seeks!
    Data shows attacks on US citizens in America from inhabitants from these 7 countries is nil yet from Saudi Arabia (not mentioned) it is 2,700+.
    But then again when all flights were banned from the US in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 only one plane was let out, one carrying the Bush family friends – the billionaire Bin Ladens! Hmmn.

  7. Bazza says:

    I think all left wing socialists/progressives may be feeling a bit down at the moment in the World with the victory of Trump etc.
    But Trump in my opinion is a poorlr read political imbecile, what some in my area would call “A Gobshite!”
    All his policy is driven by Corporate America and Right wing think tanks and Neo-Liberal capitalist placements like those from The Heritage Foundation.
    He is the perfomer who speaks the lines for those who legally steal the surplus labour of working people whilst pretending to be their champion.
    The tragedy is we as socialists are the minority (I argue from a grassroots, bottom up left wing democratic socialist perspective) but most political of those of us who have to sell their labour to live.
    It is the labour of the working billions which really creates the wealth and makes societies work.
    But the REAL DEPENDENCY culture in the World is that of the rich and powerful – every night they must pray that the working billions will turn up to work on Monday.
    Just imagine the REAL power in the world is not with capital or the rich and powerful it is in the hands and brains of us, perhaps not going to work for a couple of days by all of us could bring tyrants and pro capitalist legal thieves down in every country of the World.
    So don’t feel down, they need to continue to CON the masses every day – we just need to wake working people internationally up once.
    But it must be peaceful and driven by the love of diverse working humanity.
    Yours in international solidarity!

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