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Our debates must be comradely and informed

by David Pavett.

Recent discussions on Left Futures have shown a disturbing tendency on the left which at best gets in the way of meaningful debate about the many problems we need to resolve and at worst puts others off from participating and feeds straight into the image of the left that the right-wing media tries to cultivate. […]

Inspiration from the anonymous revolutionary, aged 16

by Jon Lansman.

If you need inspiration, try this. The words of published author (of The Anonymous Revolutionary) and blogger (on the themes of Marxism, communism, their significance and their relevance today) and Tweeter, Max Edwards, diagnosed with terminal cancer 5 months ago, aged 16, published yesterday in the Guardian. Readers of this blog won’t necessarily agree with every word […]

Opening up – Labour’s digital revolution must move on from its embryonic stage

by James Darling.

“I have a vague desire to explore the political world” I said, only a month ago. That very day, I happened to be going to meet Ben Soffa, head of digital for the Jeremy Corbyn campaign. But that feels like a lifetime ago now as since then I’ve spent the vast majority of my time […]

On left-wing fibs and lies

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

No, the blog hasn’t been hacked. That really is the headline. It’s there because I’m going to have a bit of a moan. This did the rounds among fellow lefties on Twitter the other day.  Ho, ho, ho. What a hoot! Isn’t Sarah Palin utterly stupid? No wonder the Republican Party is fucked, etc. Funny […]

What #WebackEd means

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Tens of thousands of people pouring out onto that there Twitter showing support for Ed Miliband? What has the world come to? Stranger things have happened, just not that often. And so it came to pass that for the best part of 24 hours, #webackEd trended on Twitter. It still is at the time of […]

The six most popular stories last month

by Newsdesk.

Since some of you may have been lucky enough to get a holiday in August, you may have missed something. Like the six most popular stories on Left Futures last month, for example: The plot to topple Berlusconi – Berlusconi may be no friend of ours but you may still be disturbed by Tom Gill’s tale of […]

Whatever happened to Socialist Unity

by Andy Newman.

Those who have recently tried to access the website will have found that it is temporarily unavailable. This is due to a mix up by a well known hosting company. Some months ago we changed the web hosting to another provider. The original provider closed down the account, but through their error they closed […]

The best of Left Futures in 2013

by Conrad Landin.

Another year, another decent conference speech from Ed Miliband, an entirely needless battle with the unions, a false recovery from Gideon, and the deaths of two of history’s most significant figures. Left Futures has also once again gone from strength to strength to strength. 2013 in fact saw over 100,000 more visits than the previous […]

The six most popular stories this week

by Newsdesk.

It’s hard to disagree with Left Unity about anything much, other than their existence – Jon Lansman takes issue not with Left Unity‘s programme but with their political strategy – arguing that the Labour Party was still the right place for left activists to campaign for socialism. Unite offers Miliband an olive branch, with clear red […]

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