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The six most popular stories last month

Since some of you may have been lucky enough to get a holiday in August, you may have missed something. Like the six most popular stories on Left Futures last month, for example:

  1. The plot to topple Berlusconi – Berlusconi may be no friend of ours but you may still be disturbed by Tom Gill’s tale of a plot by EU and US politicians to topple him.
  2. Labour executive elections: best Left result since 1980s with 55% of members’ votes – Jon Lansman looks in depth at the results of Labour’s NEC elelctions.
  3. Avoiding charge of racism is a cover for patriarchy and misogyny in Rotherham – Diane Abbott explains why the roots of the horrific failures in Rotherham lie in attitudes to women not anti-racism.
  4. Stop the witch-hunt of Tricycle theatre for a “boycott” that never was and a false charge of antisemitism – Jon Lansman looks at an example of “crying wolf” over Gaza.
  5. On socialism, nationalism and anti-English sentiment in Scotland (part 1) – Scottish ‘independence’ divides the working class and offers nothing like socialist change, argues Greg Philo.
  6. Shutting down women’s refuges because they don’t take men is callous & absurd – Michael Meacher takes the Tories to task for the callousness about domestic violence.

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