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Chávez: the revolution will not be televised

by Newsdesk.

2002 documentary about the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly deposed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. A television crew from Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ happened to be recording a documentary about Chávez during the events of April 11, 2002. Shifting focus, they followed the events as they occurred. During their filming, the crew recorded images […]

The Spirit of ’45

by Newsdesk.

Ken Loach’s latest film, The Sprit of ’45, is in cinemas from 15 March. A retrospective but with a clear contemporary purpose. Looking back through the enthusiasm and commitment of his interviewees at archive footage about reconstruction and the creation of the welfare state, it nevertheless focusses on the current dismantlement of the NHS and […]

Owen Jones on austerity, class and the prospects for capitalism

by Newsdesk.

In the first of their Radical Voices interview series, spoke to Owen Jones about austerity, class, ideology, and the socialist alternative in the 21st century. The Anticapitalist Initiative describes itself as “a network that enables anti-capitalist activists to debate current political issues. Where possible it aims to unite these activists to fight against capitalism, […]

Cathy Come Home: then and now

by Lucy Reese.

Although I’m a child of the 70s, I’ve always had a fascination with the 60s. A strange time of change and experimentation that seems so different from the world we live in. I love the music, fashion and art of the 60s and am inspired by the radical ideas that emerged from this turbulent decade. […]

Michael Winner: 1935 – 2013

by John Millington.

Michael Winner whose death was announced yesterday was a film director, food critic and all round eccentric. I am certainly not in favour of trashing the name of the recently deceased. Every person who dies has a family somewhere who is grieving and Michael Winner is no exception. But by the same token I for one cannot join […]

What Women Want – beyond Mel Gibson

by Lucy Reese.

One of the worst films I’ve ever had the misfortune of viewing goes by the title of What Women Want. The plot is wafer thin and so bad it’s almost good: everyone’s favourite fascist Mel Gibson plays advertising executive Nick who electrocutes himself and then gains the uncanny ability to hear what women are thinking. […]

Paul Kenny on influence of Progress and the need for more working class MPs

by Newsdesk.

Paul Kenny talks a great deal of sense about Labour’s lowest ever level of working class representation and how the targetting of parliamentary seats by Progress with “outside money” obstructs working class representation and promotes privatisation.

The Wilderness Years

by Jon Lansman.

If you haven’t seen The Wilderness Years, a BBC series of four hour-long documentaries broadcast in 1995,  it’s well worth watching – and you can by following the links below. Documenting the period of Labour’s history from losing the 1979 election to the election of Blair as Labour’s Leader, it relies entirely on archive footage […]

Socialism and blasphemy: all authority should be ridiculed

by James Bloodworth.

Violent protests have spread across the Middle East and North Africa in response to an anti-Islamic film, The Innocence of Muslims, that was posted on YouTube. To call the film a piece of third-rate dross would be too lenient. Aesthetically the film is patently awful, and features a cast who can’t act and a set […]

Blair endorsed Sarkozy in campaign video

by Jon Lansman.

Even for those of us who regard Tony Blair as essentially a Tory in our ranks, it may come as a surprise to see that he actually endorsed Nicolas Sarkozy in a campaign video. Blair’s contribution starts 1:18 into the film.

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