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Owen Jones on austerity, class and the prospects for capitalism

In the first of their Radical Voices interview series, spoke to Owen Jones about austerity, class, ideology, and the socialist alternative in the 21st century. The Anticapitalist Initiative describes itself as “a network that enables anti-capitalist activists to debate current political issues. Where possible it aims to unite these activists to fight against capitalism, for the interests of working people, the unemployed and the oppressed.


  1. David Ellis says:

    Ahh `anti-capitalism’ the socialism that dare not speak its name. Nothing good going to come from this bunch of liquidationists.

    As for the prospects for capitalism: it has none. It is monopolised, sclerotic, bankrupt and dead. Austerity is the mere embalming of the corpse whilst stimulation by borrowing would be like using a defibulator on a headless corpse.

    Whether you tax private individuals to pay debt or cut public spending to pay debt both will result in economic contraction and eventually global depression. I’m sorry but it’s socialism or barbarism via a New Dark Ages.

  2. Dave says:

    60% (including four out of ten tory voters) back a 75% tax on those earning over £1million, says Owen.

    Sounds like an election winning policy.

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