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Keep it Co-op and ensure a strong voice for cooperatives in politics

by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Co-operative movement has a long and proud history in this country, working to build a society where wealth and power are shared. I have been a supporter of the Co-op all my life. Co-operators are pioneers, as they were when they founded it, whether on fairtrade or now tax justice. I believe the movement […]

UK Consumers for an Ethical High-Street

by Grahame Morris.

Many of us here in the UK pay little attention to where our clothes are made, who manufactures them and what sorts of conditions those workers are forced to endure. Shopping for clothes is a necessity and often a pastime, but rarely do we pause for thought and consider the impact of our habits and […]

Luke Akehurst in Holocaust smear of Coop’s illegal Israeli settlement boycott

by Jon Lansman.

Two months ago, we had occasion to reprimand Luke Akehurst, a member of Labour’s national executive (until next month anyway), for invoking the Holocaust in defence of Progress, Labour’s Blairite party-within-a-party. Now he’s at it again, this time in order to attack the Co-op. Yes the Co-op.

Banks: time to move your own money

by Newsdesk.

We all know that the banks have failed us and something has to change. The banks won’t change of their own accord and politicians and regulators are too narrowly focused on maintaining the status quo, so we must be the agents of change. It is simple: make a positive decision about where to put your […]

International Brigade 75th Anniversary

by Jon Lansman.

This Saturday, 22 October, is the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Republic issuing the decree to recognise the International Brigades which were forming to join the defence of Spain’s Land and Freedom. In a short period of time some 32,000 volunteers from more than 50 countries joined the Brigades.  Made by Sanum Ghafoor, Philosophy Football’s […]

Battle of Cable Street anniversary rally

by Andy Newman.

A 96 year old veteran of the 1930s fight against Oswald Mosley’s fascists will return to the scene of the anti-fascist movement’s greatest triumph to speak at a commemorative march and rally on Sunday October 2nd marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. The march assembles at 11.30am at the junction of […]

Miliband man versus Tesco monster

by Michael Meacher.

Britain is a sleepy nation until a riot wakes it up. The hated poll tax trundled on until mass riots triggered its demise, taking Thatcher with it. Tax dodging on a colossal scale continued unimpeded until UK Uncut shut down Vodaphone and Top Shop in Oxford Street and made Philip Green’s £2bn tax-free dividend to […]

Does my Society look Big in this?

by Philosophy Football.

Mr Cameron and his, very, junior partner Nick Clegg would have us believe that our society can do just fine with fewer nurses and teachers.  Closing down schools, hospitals, childrens’ centres and services for the elderly adds up to a smaller, worse society, neither big nor better. All in the cause of deficit reduction?  How […]

Robert Tressell Centenary Today

by Jon Lansman.

100 years ago today Robert Tressell, author of the inspirational Ragged Trousered Philanthropists died. Poshtumously published, his book was described by Robert on the title page as “twelve months in hell, told by one of the damned.” A tale of agitation and organisation, battling against the tide of apathy, confronting the small-time capitalists who seek to […]

When minds turn to shopping…

by Jon Lansman.

Looking for the perfect gift for the ideologue in your life? Fed up with counting off how many shopping days there are to Christmas while the Con-Dems slash and burn all that you once held dear? You know the only good reason to go down the shops this weekend is the action at Topshop and […]

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