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Support Labour Left candidates for the CAC and NCC

by James Elliott.

Left Futures is supporting the following candidates for Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee and National Constitutional Committee, elected later this year. It is of huge importance to the left in the party that we gain control of these bodies, which control the conference agenda and disciplinary procedures, respectively. The candidates below were selected by the Centre […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s January executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 24 January 2017 For the second time running, we had a very tranquil NEC. This may be down to the fact that there was very little on the agenda that was controversial. The most noteworthy issues had arisen at the Disputes Panel and Organisation Committee held on the 17 January. I cover […]

Support the Left candidates for Conference Arrangements Committee and National Constitutional Committee!

by Newsdesk.

At the CLP meeting that elects your conference delegates, it is likely that nominations for candidates for Labour’s 2017 internal elections will also be considered. There are two elections this year where CLPs can nominate candidates. The following candidates support the Party leadership and are being backed by the Centre-left Grassroots Alliance and the Campaign […]

Campaign for Socialism candidates Scottish Executive Committee elections

by Newsdesk.

Campaign for Socialism is encouraging all members and supporters to back the below candidates in the upcoming Scottish Executive Committee election. Ballots will start arriving (mostly by email) from the start of January. To help in an individual’s campaign for the SEC, you can contact them directly on the email below.

Martyn Cook reports from November’s National Policy Forum

by Martyn Cook.

Despite having been elected to the NPF as a Scotland CLP rep in 2015, the first full NPF meeting only took place on the 19th and 20th of November in Loughborough. It was a very general meeting and was more focussed on identifying priority issues for the coming months and years. This report is therefore […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s November executive 

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 22 November 2016 (‘Away Day’) After several very tense and fractious set-tos there was clearly an effort made to have a tranquil NEC for a change. There was nothing faintly controversial on the agenda. The whole ‘Away Day’ was reminiscent of one of the Maharishi meditation sessions. Before reporting on the 22nd […]

Yellow Pages Special at London Labour Party Conference

by Newsdesk.

At Labour’s Regional Conference for London, there is a special edition of Campaign for Labour Party Democracy’s Yellow Pages, which you can download here.  

Labour Conference 2016: The good, the bad and the ugly

by James Elliott.

The Good Jeremy Corbyn’s victory was announced on the Saturday, with an increased vote from 59.5% to 61.8%. While the result was long expected, and came as a surprise to no-one except the Smith campaigners briefing he would win the week before, it should be underlined how significant this was. Over 313,209 people voted for […]

Wednesday’s Yellow Pages at Labour Party Conference 2016

by James Elliott.

Download the Yellow Pages here. This Campaign Briefing is sponsored by CWU. Let’s hear from the PLP  Jeremy’s victory on Saturday meant that Conference started on a high for most of us. It was noticeable (especially at the rostrum!) that there were many delegates and visitors who were experiencing our Party’s sovereign body for the first […]

Tuesday’s Yellow Pages at Labour Party Conference 2016

by James Elliott.

Download the Yellow Pages here. This Campaign Briefing is sponsored by Unite. TSSA Emergency Motion: Support Reference Back!  TSSA has submitted an emergency motion about the package of rule changes the NEC is putting to Conference today. The key proposals in the TSSA emergency are set out below. It has been ruled out of order by the CAC […]

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