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Monday’s Yellow Pages at Labour Party Conference 2016

by James Elliott.

Download the Yellow Pages here. This Campaign Briefing is sponsored by UCATT Report from CAC Chair: Support Reference Back! Support the East Devon delegate! Yesterday, after the report from the Chair of CAC, several dele- gates challenged the CAC’s rec- ommendations. In particular, the delegate from East Devon object- ed to the unjust ruling out of her CLP’s […]

Sunday’s Yellow Pages at Labour Party Conference 2016

by James Elliott.

Download the Yellow Pages here. This Campaign Briefing is sponsored by ASLEF Sunday’s Priorities Ballot: start taking on the Tories!  In today’s priorities ballot, CLPs and the unions can each choose four sub- jects for debate. The unions have already agreed to prioritise Employment Rights, Industrial Strategy, Public Services, Energy, so these issues will be discussed by Conference. […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s September executive 

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 20 September 2016 The NEC lasted for some 8 and half hours – the sandwiches and tea had been provided but the staff, due to massive pressure of work at the moment, were unable to organise sleeping bags. Jeremy Corbyn was present from beginning to end. As you will see, in some […]

Pete Willsman’s Guide to Labour Party Conference 2016

by Peter Willsman.

The Conference Agenda The following business will comprise the Conference timetable:   The National Executive Committee (NEC) Report and possible late NEC statements that can be issued to delegates during conference. In 1997 under the Partnership in Power document it was agreed that the NEC Report would include, “a report on the resolutions and comments […]

‘You can’t pass motions; that’s political’ – A Report for Labour Students National Committee meeting, 19/07/16

by Michael Muir.

At this year’s Labour Students National Conference in Scarborough, delegates were promised, to quote from the manifesto of our new Chair, ‘a radical change’. Indeed-and much needed it was. Poor organisation made for a chaotic conference, whilst, time and again, BAME members of our organisation told of how they felt ignored and marginalised to the […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s July executives

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 19 July 2016 This was the scheduled NEC meeting for July (below I cover the Emergency NEC meeting of 12 July). The atmosphere at this meeting was much better than at last week’s Emergency NEC meeting. In part this was due to the fact that Jeremy was present for the whole NEC […]

Vote for the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance for Labour’s National Executive Committee

by Newsdesk.

Ballots have been sent out this week for the Labour Party National Executive Committee elections. The party’s ruling body has taken on increased significance since the vote to allow Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot. It’s importance cannot be understated, given it has this week: – Ruled out over 20% of the membership from their right to […]

Unite conference votes to endorse mandatory reselection

by James Elliott.

Unite’s Policy Conference sent a very clear message to rebel Labour MPs yesterday by voting by an overwhelming majority to support a rule change to the Labour Party rulebook to reintroduce mandatory reselection of MPs before each general election. The rule change, first introduced in the 1980s and then abolished under Neil Kinnock, to be replaced […]

Rhea Wolfson: Why I’m standing for Labour’s NEC

by Rhea Wolfson.

From today, Labour Party members will receive their ballots for the National Executive Committee (NEC). You will have six votes and six people will be elected. I am proud to be standing as part of a team backed by Momentum and the Centre-Left Grass Alliance, committed to supporting the left-wing and socialist ideas that saw […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s March executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 15 March 2016 The main item on the agenda, referred from the January National Executive Committee (NEC), was to review and amend the NEC’s governance. This includes the NEC’s Terms of Reference, Subcommittee Protocols, and the NEC’s Standing Orders. John McDonnell was also down to attend his first NEC meeting. 

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