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The illogical callousness of the bedroom tax is totted up in ruined family lives

by Michael Meacher.

The latest data from 107 local authorities shows that 86,000 households have now been forced out of their accommodation to look for 1-bedroom homes, but only 33,000 have become available in the past year. The pressure points vary regionally. In Rochford, Essex, for example, 100 social housing tenants were driven out by the benefit cuts, […]

Bedroom Tax Bedroom Definition

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The bedroom tax. An entirely punitive policy allegedly designed to shove “under-occupying” social housing tenants into size-appropriate properties when there is a massive shortage of one bedroom homes. Not that it matters to the Tories, of course. Very few people hammered by this policy are likely to place their cross against the blue party anyway […]

I’ve just been to protest about the bedroom tax at the PM’s 10-bedroom country house

by Michael Meacher.

Together with David Winnick MP and Kelvin Hopkins MP, I’ve just been to protest about the government’s Bedroom Tax at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Chequers in Buckinghamshire. We called on Cameron to pay the Bedroom Tax on his 10 spare bedrooms at Chequers – this is what we said in our letter:

This pogrom against the poor shames our values & our country

by Michael Meacher.

Each of the richest 1% of households in the UK, according to government figures, owns property wealth worth on average £15 millions. This wealth, totalling £4.5 trillions for this whole 1% elite class, is greater than that possessed by all the remaining 99% put together. Yet the 1% are being required to make no contribution at all […]

Social cleansing Tory-style: housing benefit cap plus bedroom tax

by Michael Meacher.

On 6 April, the start of the new financial year, on exactly the same day that 14,000 millionaires in the UK get a £40,000 per year rise in their net income from the abolition of the 50% rate of income tax, thousands of Britain’s poorest people will be forced then or soon after out of […]

Join another round of protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’ next weekend (30 March)

by Jon Lansman.

Following the nationwide series of protests on 16 March, a further fifty protests are taking place on Saturday 30 March throughout Britain against the Bedroom Tax. to send a further message to the Tory-led government that we’re united in opposition to this cruel, unworkable and counter-productive attack on poor and vulnerable people. These events are […]

Bedroom tax: Labour should follow SNP lead

by David Osler.

Britain is about to witness the first co-ordinated attempt by multiple local authorities to obstruct a Westminster edict in almost three decades. Good news, but don’t dust off those ‘defiance not compliance’ badges just yet. Sassenachs who haven’t been keeping up may need to be told that eight Scottish National Party councils are to follow […]

What next on the bedroom tax?

by Andrew Fisher.

Saturday’s protests against the bedroom tax were pretty impressive. Nearly 60 demonstrations held across the UK – with sizeable marches in some cities (like Manchester and Liverpool). In Croydon about 60 people turned up to a lively demo – with support from the Leader of the Labour group on the council, the local trades council, […]

Up your bedroom tax, Duncan Smith!

by Michael Meacher.

So public and political pressure does work, even against this government. You can always tell when a Minister’s in trouble – they get irritable and tetchy, as Duncan Smith has been over the last several days. Just 3 weeks before the hated bedroom tax comes into force, he has been forced to make some concessions. […]

Join the protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’

by Jon Lansman.

This weekend, Saturday 16 March, over 50 protests are taking place (mostly at 1pm) throughout Britain against the Bedroom Tax, to send a clear and unequivocal message to  David Cameron that we’re united in opposition to this cruel, unworkable and counter-productive attack on poor and vulnerable people. The majority of the protests have been organised […]

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