Left makes significant gains in Labour’s other internal party elections

more Labour Internal ElectionsYesterday, the Left made significant gains in the election for local party representatives on Labour’s national policy forum (NPF), the roughly 200 strong body responsible for preparing the party’s rolling policy programme which is prepared for approval by the party’s conference. The Left is now the largest grouping amongst constituency representatives (having made 9net gains) with 27 successful candidates including those elected by young members, whilst 24 candidates backed by the right-wing Labour First were elected alongside 4 independents. The Left did not do as well in the first all-member election for Labour’s conference arrangements committee where Right backed candidates Gloria de Piero MP (who has now also taken a place in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet)  and former MEP and Eastenders character Michael Cashman beat Katy Clark and Jon Lansman of the left. Continue reading

Peter Willsman’s report from Labour’s special May executive

NEC Report Pete WNational Executive Committee, 13 May 2015

This special executive was called to consider the arrangements for Labour’s leadership and deputy-leadership elections. The meeting was v ery comradely and there was a serious intent to reach a consensus.

Harriet Harman paid tribute to Ed Miliband for his unstinting commitment to our cause and to his dedicated leadership over five years. These sentiments were echoed all around the table. Everyone regretted that Ed was unable to be present for us to show the depth of our appreciation. Continue reading

Support Katy Clark and Jon Lansman for the Conference Arrangements Committee

Clark & Lansman for CAC v1Although most Labour Party members are now focused mainly on working for a Labour victory in the general election, there are some important internal party elections shortly after 7 May. Since the closing date for nominations in those elections is 10 June and many constituency parties won’t even have a cycle of meetings before that date, many are considering their nominations now and readers of Left Futures need to know who is standing from Labour’s Centre-Left for the positions up for election.

There are three important national committees on which constituency party representatives are up for election: Continue reading

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s July executive

NEC Report AB

National Executive Committee, 22 July 2014

NEC meetings always start with tributes to members who have died, and in July these included Bob Jones, the police and crime commissioner for the West Midlands, who was just 59.  The by-election for the PCC was triggered, disrespectfully, even before his funeral, and would be held on 21 August.  Because there was no time to ballot members an NEC panel had selected David Jamieson as Labour’s candidate, with acting PCC Yvonne Mosquito as his running-mate.

Following the May elections Labour’s European leader Glenis Willmott had secured key positions for British MEPs.  Claude Moraes would chair the civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee and Linda McAvan the development committee, with vice-chairs Afzal Khan for the security committee, Derek Vaughan for the budgetary control committee and Catherine Stihler for the internal market committee. Linda McAvan had been instrumental in winning funds for Europe’s first carbon capture and storage power station, to be built at Drax in Yorkshire and creating 4,000 jobs, and roaming charges would be halved this month and hopefully scrapped altogether from 2016. Continue reading

There’s a smell of roses at Labour headquarters

red rosesNever let it be said that Left Futures never has a good word for Labour headquarters and staff in the Leader’s office. Today, we have particular reason to praise their judgement.

At today’s meeting of Labour’s national executive committee, two rule changes proposed by CLPs having been promoted by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, have been endorsed by the executive based on officers recommendations. That’s not unprecedented – for a very short period in the early 1980s it was almost common – but it is not a frequent occurrence. The amendments recommended for approval by party conference are: Continue reading