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CAC election will be crucial, speakers tell conference rally

by Conrad Landin.

A packed rally heard last night that delegates have a real chance to re-claim Labour conference for members and meaningful discussion – the election of the conference arrangements committee (CAC). At CLPD’s opening fringe meeting, delegates heard from CAC candidates Pete Willsman and Katy Clark MP, alongside Diane Abbott, Michael Meacher, Young Labour’s Michelle Collins, […]

CAC: The election that could get winning ideas onto Labour’s agenda

by Conrad Landin.

The deadline for nominating candidates for Labour’s conference arrangements committee (CAC) has passed – and September’s party conference will see battle lines drawn between party democracy champions Katy Clark MP and Pete Willsman, and two parliamentary whips, Heidi Alexander and Tom Blenkinsop. But it’s not too late to make sure your vote is cast for […]

The state of party conference: fixing, stage management and interior decoration

by Jon Lansman.

Labour conference last week was as frustrating as ever. Stage management is thriving: new decor, billowing flags, ever changing sofa arrangements. Orchestrated panel discussions on the sofa and lectures from American philosophers still take precedence over delegates. Much effort is still made to control what gets onto the agenda, and who gets to speak. It […]

Conference delegates sidelined three days in a row

by Jon Lansman.

At Labour conference in Manchester, for three days running constituency Labour parties (CLPs) have been silenced and their rights ignored. On Sunday, CLP delegate Maggie Dunn went to the rostrum to complain that debates on rule changes proposed last year by Bridgend and Islington North might not be allowed because of an NEC rule change […]

How votes work at Labour conference

by Peter Willsman.

Over the past few weeks, I have explored the motions that will come before conference, what’s happened since Refounding Labour, and the proposed changes to the party constitution from CLPs, which if passed will make the party more democratic. Today, I’ll be looking at the various votes held at annual conference – and they are […]

Candidates announced for Labour elections

by Jon Lansman.

Centre-Left candidates standing for national Labour Party elections have launched their appeals for nominations today. They are standing for important bodies which have little public visibility but make important decisions behind the scenes. The Conference Arrangements Committee is the body which decides the agenda of party conference, and what may or may not be discussed. […]

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