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Candidates announced for Labour elections

Centre-Left candidates standing for national Labour Party elections have launched their appeals for nominations today. They are standing for important bodies which have little public visibility but make important decisions behind the scenes. The Conference Arrangements Committee is the body which decides the agenda of party conference, and what may or may not be discussed. Under New Labour, it ensured that nothing got discussed without party managers’ approval. Under its new chair, Harry Donaldson, the GMB’s Scottish Regional Secretary, delegates’ rights are likely to be more respected. The National Constitutional Committee considers disciplinary matters.

Gary Heather, chair of Islington North CLP and a member of the Communication Workers Union executive, is standing again for the Conference Arrangements Committee. He is joined this year by Gateshead councillor, Catherine Donovan. Standing for the National Constitutional Committee is Greenwich councillor, Mark James. Nominations close on the 24 June and CLP secretaries have been sent notification of how to nominate. All CLPs may nominate, but only conference delegates can vote. In recent years, all CLP delegates except those known to be on the Left have been systematically lobbied by party officials to support candidates favoured by party managers, but Ed Miliband is believed to want this practice to stop. It is important that CLPs ensure that their delegates support candidates who will defend delegates’ rights by nominating and mandating. It is sometimes argued that CLP delegates cannot be mandated but this has no constitutional validity.

Leaflets in support of these candidates can be downloaded here: CAC leaflet and NCC leaflet.

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