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Was your constituency vote cast at conference without interference? Check the record

by Jon Lansman.

Readers will be aware from previous reports that there is serious concern about the validity of the result of internal party elections held at this year’s Labour conference in Brighton. In the closest fought election for the party conference arrangements committee for many years, two opposition whips were declared elected as representatives of constituency party members […]

Fixing the annual upside-down spectacle of Labour conference

by Conrad Landin.

As this year’s Labour party conference fades into the abyss, I can’t help recalling a sentence spoken to me outside the Brighton centre on a bright morning towards the end of the week: “Our delegates find that the most interesting part of conference is the fringe.” The speaker was a newly-selected parliamentary candidate, and we […]

On illegitimate interference by party staff into our internal elections

by Peter Willsman.

As Jon Lansman previously reported here, there is clear evidence that full time Labour party officials in most of the country (including Yorkshire, the East Midlands and the eastern region, Scotland and the South West) interfered in the elections to the conference arrangements committee (CAC) and national constitutional committee (NCC) at Labour’s conference in Brighton. […]

Why the Blairites are wrong about Ed’s energy freeze

by Michael Meacher.

The great thing about Peter Mandelson is that he constantly gives one confidence in one’s own views when one finds he’s on the other side. This is scarcely surprising when his philosophy (‘New Labour is studiously relaxed about people becoming filthy rich’) and his methods (briefing dirt and lies to the press about anyone he […]

Fight on a Labour agenda and we will win

by Peter Willsman.

Conference this week has been upbeat: the platform concentrated on attacking the Coalition, which delegates have shown they want more of. Ed Miliband’s Leader’s speech was well received with the media acknowledging he is likely to be the next Prime Minister. A series of progressive policies have been announced which will also strengthen our support. Scrapping the bedroom tax, increasing free childcare hours, ending bad zero hours […]

Ed Balls’s speech: what he said in 22 points

by David Pavett.

As the 2015 election approaches the details of policy pronouncements become every more important. The notes below are intended to summarise the points in Ed Balls Annual Conference speech in 22 points. Under the Coalition: 1. tax increases and cuts have not delivered the promised deficit reduction and economic growth. They have failed by the […]

CAC election will be crucial, speakers tell conference rally

by Conrad Landin.

A packed rally heard last night that delegates have a real chance to re-claim Labour conference for members and meaningful discussion – the election of the conference arrangements committee (CAC). At CLPD’s opening fringe meeting, delegates heard from CAC candidates Pete Willsman and Katy Clark MP, alongside Diane Abbott, Michael Meacher, Young Labour’s Michelle Collins, […]

What this Labour conference should be about

by Michael Meacher.

The prime issue at Conference this year won’t be the union link, which may well be resolved by negotiation, but rather what is Labour’s core message. It has got to be setting out the alternative to prolonged austerity which will promote real and sustainable growth (not the shallow and over-hyped version currently on offer), cut […]

Will future Labour conferences be as boring as the Lib Dems?

by Conrad Landin.

Why does the Liberal Democrat conference look so boring? In the bare basics of their procedures and practices, the Lib Dems probably crack down on dissent and debate less than Labour or the Tories. And yet as middle aged white men with horrendous jumpers take to the podium on TV, I can’t help thanking god […]

Christine Shawcroft reports back on Labour’s September executive

by Christine Shawcroft.

Report of the national executive committee (NEC) meeting held on 17 September 2013 The NEC before Conference is usually dominated by conference arrangements, arguing about constitutional amendments, and so on, but this meeting was overshadowed by the Collins review of party “reform”. Not that anyone’s seen it yet. What I find hard to take is the […]

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