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What if David Miliband had won …

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The polls were with Labour. The feedback on the doorstep was very encouraging. It looked like all the naysayers and the problems of the previous five years had been put to bed. Until that exit poll flashed up on the nation’s TV screens. It gave the Tories a clear lead, and one several seats away from […]

David Miliband is wrong. The Tories can’t win the next election.

by Michael Burke.

David Miliband’s parting shot before leaving Britain was an interview with Andrew Marr where he argued that the Tories can win a majority at the next general election. At the same time, serious forces inside the Conservative Party argue that they have no hope of winning in 2015. They can’t both be right. SEB has argued over a […]

Community campaigning, DM-style (aka not even knowing how your members vote)

by Jon Lansman.

In Mark Ferguson’s excellent expose of “community campaigning” in South Shields under David Miliband’s watch, he reveals that the voter contact rate (the percentage of people in the constituency for whom the party has a record of voting preference) in the constituency was as low as 0.2%. Based on the electorate in the by-election, that […]

Farewell David Miliband

by Jon Lansman.

David Miliband is to leave parliament and British politics for a post at the International Rescue Committee in New York, and it is to his credit that he does so. He has forsaken the wishes and the advice of some of his closest political friends, but the path he has chosen is the right one […]

Blairite lessons from US Presidential Election miss the whole point

by Michael Meacher.

David Miliband and Douglas Alexander have just spent a lengthy time in the US at the Republican and Democratic presidential conventions trying to draw lessons from them for the Labour Party. Nothing wrong with that, except that the lessons they draw are perverse.

David Miliband’s half million in private earnings: an admission of retirement?

by Keith Wright.

Over the financial year 2011-12, the former foreign secretary earned £446,320.60 in fees alone – for advice, directorships, speeches and lectures. For venture capital firm VantagePoint, he received £92,839.75 – for four-and-a-half days work. For a half day at Indus Basin Holdings, a private Hydroelectric venture on the Indian sub-continent, he took £7,560.85.

David Miliband’s right about a debate, but it can’t ignore the big issues

by Michael Meacher.

There is much to welcome in David Miliband’s call for a ‘comradely and serious debate’ about the future for the Labour Party, as prompted by Roy Hattersley’s recent article in the Political Quarterly on social democracy. He is certainly right about the spirit in which the debate should take place, but this initial foray will […]

What David Miliband’s intervention really means

by Owen Jones.

Those of us who have suggested David Miliband’s latest political intervention may have – let’s say – ulterior motives have received a bit of flak. Must he stay silent just because any public pronouncement may be misconstrued by the media? Why can’t he contribute to the debate about the party’s future like anyone else?

The questions on Libya Tony Blair needs to answer

by Mark Seddon.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair and former Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw and David Miliband, now face some extremely tough questions as to how much they knew about the extraordinary rendition of prisoners to Libya where they were tortured. The discovery of some extraordinary archives in the ruins of the Ministry of Information in Tripoli by […]

Blairites party with Murdochs, 24 hours before Milly Dowler story broke

by Jon Lansman.

After Ed Miliband’s most successful week as Labour leader in which his bold and forceful stance against corrupt and depraved practices has brought the Murdoch empire to its knees, the Blairites, always too fond of fraternising with the rich and famous, have put those efforts in jeopardy. According to the Mail on Sunday, only 24 […]

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