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Jeers and loathing in Manchester

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If war is politics by other, more violent means; then surely politics is war via the demonstration, the megaphone, the occupation, the ballot box, and occasional argy-bargy between rival parties and factions. Hence politics and violence go hand in hand. It has become institutionalised and routinised in Western liberal democracies, but the association – as […]

Why I went on the anti-austerity march & regret Labour’s leaders weren’t there too

by Diane Abbott.

Last weekend I attended the huge anti-austerity march and rally organised by the People’s Assembly against Austerity in London. Estimates of the size of the rally varied between 70,000 and more than 150,000. But demonstrators poured into London from all over the country, the march was self-evidently huge and it was definitely a great deal bigger […]

Outside the Westminster bubble, people are mobilising against austerity

by Steve Turner.

Within 72 hours of the Tories forming a majority in Parliament it became crystal clear they were salivating at the opportunity to further impose their political austerity agenda for another five years. Attacks on freedom of speech, protest, the Human Rights Act and the right to strike came swiftly. Threshold limits on industrial action ballots […]

4000 UK Uncut members in mass civil disobedience tomorrow in central London

by Newsdesk.

UK Uncut is planning a spectacular act of mass disobedience opposing austerity in central London tomorrow, with over 4,000 people expected to attend. Precise details of the action are being kept under wraps, but the group has promised bold, exciting and creative direct action at a prominent location. Protests are also being held in a […]

Save the NHS and join the march and rally 29 September!

by Newsdesk.

Watch this great video by Unite which explains how the NHS was first established and the privatisation threat that it faces today and get ready to join the march and rally for the NHS on 29 September. Then put this date in your diary! Defend Jobs and Services. No to Austerity. March and Rally – […]

Join another round of protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’ next weekend (30 March)

by Jon Lansman.

Following the nationwide series of protests on 16 March, a further fifty protests are taking place on Saturday 30 March throughout Britain against the Bedroom Tax. to send a further message to the Tory-led government that we’re united in opposition to this cruel, unworkable and counter-productive attack on poor and vulnerable people. These events are […]

Join the protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’

by Jon Lansman.

This weekend, Saturday 16 March, over 50 protests are taking place (mostly at 1pm) throughout Britain against the Bedroom Tax, to send a clear and unequivocal message to  David Cameron that we’re united in opposition to this cruel, unworkable and counter-productive attack on poor and vulnerable people. The majority of the protests have been organised […]

Iraq: Ten years on

by Kate Hudson.

As The Guardian editorial says today, ‘The judgment of those who took to the streets against the rush to war only looks wiser.’  Of course there is no joy in being right when the outcome was a desperate tragedy for so many people – and continues to this day. But one would like to think that those […]

Why we need to get out and march

by Jeremy Corbyn.

Last weekend I tweeted a message calling for support for the big anti-austerity march and demonstration this Saturday. Quite a few people quickly retweeted this message – a few thousand people informed in a few moments. Then I got a reply from someone who said in effect: “What is the point? One day won’t make any […]

The future isn’t what it used to be

by Newsdesk.

UK Uncut, the anti-cuts direct action group, has today announced a new plan of action to start shortly before the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic period. The group, best known for targeting tax dodgers, will hold street parties in major towns and cities across the UK in the run up to the Jubilee and […]

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