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Liberty joins campaign against blacklisting

Today’s Independent has a cracking article about the intervention of Liberty into the blacklisting scandal. The civil liberties organisation has written to the Information Commisioner querying the inaction over the illegal use of an unlawfully maintained database by around 40 construction companies to deny employment to people on utterly spurious grounds. Corinna Ferguson, legal officer for Liberty, said:

We can’t believe the inaction of the Information Commissioner on a human-rights violation of such wide public interest.

Contracting out the blacklisting of innocent workers, politicians and journalists is no better than farming out phone hacking to private detectives and the consequences for our democracy are just as grave. If we cannot persuade the Commissioner to discharge his public duty, we will consider seeking assistance from the courts.”

One of the users of the blacklisting service was Carillion, with whom GMB are engaged in a protracted industrial dispute, over supervisor bullying, racism and their system of demanding cash and goods from staff at the Great Western Hosital in Swindon, where Carillion run the Facilities Management contract.

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  1. James Moore says:

    There is another database maintained by a company for store and retail staff that has been under the radar

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