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Labour Party members’ policy reps: gagged for 2-years, now facing elections

by Peter Kenyon.

For those of you braced for late night tomorrow glued to CNN and the GOP New Hampshire primary spare a thought for Labour Party national policy forum (NPF) consitutency labour party(CLP) representatives facing an election next summer. Since taking up office in the autumn of 2010, these haplessindividuals (55 in total – five per Labour […]

Support centre-left candidates for Labour’s national executive

by Jon Lansman.

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) is today writing to all constituency parties and supporters calling for nominations of six candidates for the six constituency party places on Labour’s National Executive (download leaflet here). The deadline for nominations is Friday 30 March 2012 and the all-member postal ballot will take place in May and June. […]

Candidates announced for Labour elections

by Jon Lansman.

Centre-Left candidates standing for national Labour Party elections have launched their appeals for nominations today. They are standing for important bodies which have little public visibility but make important decisions behind the scenes. The Conference Arrangements Committee is the body which decides the agenda of party conference, and what may or may not be discussed. […]

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