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Andy Burnham’s policy on railway ownership is too weak

by Ken Livingstone.

I like Andy Burnham: he clearly has been on a political journey and he has played a good role on the NHS, but in my view his position on rail policy today not only doesn’t go far enough – it indicates the disconnect between voters and Westminster politics that we must repair. In the National […]

On the madness of Alan Johnson invoking Keir Hardie to attack Jeremy Corbyn

by David Pavett.

Alan Johnson begins his pitch for the support of Yvette Cooper (Guardian, 4th August) with a reference to Keir Hardie. The problem is that his reference is wholly misleading. He claims that Hardie “believed in achieving power through the ballot box, eschewing class warfare …”. Johnson continues “He forged a Labour party rooted in the […]

Could Jeremy Corbyn unite the Scottish Left?

by Cailean Gallagher.

Then catch the moments as they fly And use them as ye ought, man. Believe me, happiness is shy, And comes not aye when sought, man. Robert Burns, A Bottle and Friend Here is surely a mutiny worth waiting for. Old hands and new recruits have swung into action for Jeremy Corbyn, the old sea […]

Tory grandee predicts Corbyn-led Labour win in 2020

by Newsdesk.

The Huffington Post today reports that Tory grandee Ken Clarke believes Jeremy Corbyn is a “nice guy” who should not be underestimated and could win the next general election if he becomes Labour leader. Jeremy is quoted as saying: It’s not certain he will lose an election. Michael Foot, who stood on a much more left wing […]

Dear Yvette… why trash-talking Jeremy is not your best line

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Dear Yvette, Re: Leadership of the Labour Party I read extracts of your interview with the Indy with some interest as, I think it’s fair to say, your platform for Labour leadership is considered the ‘lightest’ among the contenders so far. No one is in any doubt what Liz Kendall stands for. Ditto Jeremy Corbyn. […]

Why is Jeremy Corbyn so terrifying?

by David Pavett.

Jeremy Corbyn is a mild-mannered, softly-spoken man who expresses himself with reasoned arguments and believes strongly in letting everyone have their say. So how has this very model of a political gentleman come to be seen by our media as the political equivalent of an angel of death who would make Labour unelectable and who, […]

Chris Leslie has got Corbynomics wrong

by Richard Murphy.

I noted a report in the Independent yesterday about comments that the shadow chancellor, Chris Leslie, had made about why he called Corbynomics. These are, I presume, the policies announced by Jeremy Corbyn nearly two weeks ago. I spoke at the launch of those policies and since they were largely lifted from this blog I […]

Are “realistic” Labour leaders best placed to win an election?

by Bryan Gould.

Conventional wisdom has it that the outcome of the Labour leadership contest most feared by the Tories would be the election of the candidate perceived to be nearest to the middle ground. Conversely, it is suggested that a candidate who espouses policies seen to be further to the left, (which seems to mean simply offering […]

Jeremy Corbyn and hard left “Infiltration”

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The press are not neutral arbiters when it comes to the Labour leadership contest. If they can use the debates between party members as a way of deepening divisions in the party, they will. At the forefront of these attempts is the so-called quality “paper of record” The Times, which of late is transforming itself into […]

It’s time to halt the infighting over the leadership election

by John McDonnell.

I have sent this letter to all Labour MPs to try and draw a halt to the personalised infighting that has gone on with talk in the media of splits and breakaways if Jeremy Corbyn gets elected. Dear Colleague, Like me I am sure that you will have been dismayed at some of the statements made by figures […]

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