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Labour hasn’t learned the right lessons from Iraq

by Owen Jones.

The last of Britain’s troops left Iraq last Sunday with just a cursory mention in the press. What a contrast to eight years earlier, when they poured across the border with Kuwait in a hail of missiles, bombs and bullets, the international media following their every move. It’s true that a national debate on Iraq […]

Who was on that yacht off Corfu and why?

by Michael Meacher.

At a time when fixing the big international decisions are revealed yet again to have a highly personalised twist to them (witness the blackballing of Brown for the IMF job because of his personal antipathy towards Cameron-Osborne before the election, though fear of future IMF hostility towards the Tory cuts programme if Brown got the […]

The epicentre of the Arab spring isn’t Libya or Syria; it’s Palestine

by Michael Meacher.

Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria, rumblings in Morocco and Algeria (and eventually Saudi?) even spreading south into sub-Saharan Africa such as Uganda, but the centre of this upturning of the old despotic order is Palestine. The tectonic shift in the latter has been little noticed, but is more momentous than any of the others. Palestine for […]

Libyan mission creep: Labour should back international law, not NATO

by Jon Lansman.

The three NATO leaders have now made clear their objective in Libya — and it is regime change and not the more limited objectives set by the UN. Regime change is not a legitimate objective for NATO’s leaders to determine. It is an entirely legitimate aspiration for the Libyan people. It could become a legitimate […]

UNISON calls for Libya ceasefire

by Andy Newman.

UNISON has now joined UNITE in calling for an end to NATO bombing of Libya. A statement issued yesterday from the union’s ruling body – its National Executive Council – said: the record of the Gaddafi regime and the serious concerns over the safety of civilians in the areas of Libya that supported the revolt […]

Public opinion shifts against Libyan intervention

by Jon Lansman.

A series of YouGov tracker polls reveal that public opinion is changing on whether military intervention in Libya is gong well or badly, and on whether it is right or not for Britain and its allies to take military action. Only one week ago a week ago 57% of the British public thought intervention was going well […]

Left opinion shifts against Libyan intervention

by Jon Lansman.

Two organisations today came out against military intervention in Libya, perhaps indicating that opinion amongst Labour MPs is not representative of the Labour movement as a whole. Unite, the biggest union in the UK, has today called for a halt to the air attacks on Libya and an immediate ceasefire, saying that the intervention is a mistake and will […]

Fears grow of depleted uranium use in Libya

by Newsdesk.

Campaigners from the UK Uranium Weapons Network and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today expressed their growing alarm at the possibility that highly toxic and radioactive depleted uranium (DU) weapons have been used in Libya. The inhalation of DU particles, spread when the weapons hit their target, is thought to be linked to the sharp […]

Revolution and the rise of Al Jazeera

by Mark Seddon.

Perhaps it was unintended, but two or three weeks ago, at the height of the protests that were gripping the great cities of Egypt, the director general of the BBC, Mark Thompson, appeared on the channel’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, in London as part of a debate on the future of newsgathering, and mentioned […]

What’s the Exit Strategy, Dave?

by Dan McCurry.

Overnight he was transformed from Mr Bean to Stalin. In the same way that Thatcher had her Falklands, Cameron had his Libya. But then it didn’t go according to plan. At the first site of a cruise missile, Gaddafi didn’t throw down his weapons and put his hands in the air. Nor did he try […]

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