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Iraq and the Arab Spring: a thought experiment

by David Osler.

Very few things about the political state of Iraq can accurately be described as clear. But now that the flag has been cased and the last 4,000 US troops are on the way home, some sort of preliminary balance sheet is finally possible. As president Obama told the troops at the military base in Fort […]

Liberal interventionism: an excuse for yet another war

by Daniel Blaney.

For 10 years the peace movement has been on continuous high alert. We have had ‘liberal intervention’ in Afghanistan, Iraq and most recently in Libya. Even before September 11th 2001, we had NATO intervention in Yugoslavia and regular US/UK bombing raids over the misnamed ‘no fly zone’ of Iraq. During this time, public opinion in the UK has […]

What will follow Gaddafi in Libya and beyond?

by David Osler.

Less than 24 hours after the death of Gaddafi, thousands of people have already committed predictions for the future of Libya to print and/or cyberspace. Some of those indulging in speculation are more informed than others, but the simple reality is that nobody knows what happens next. Although I have visited the country, and have […]

Which Minister authorised UK rendition?

by Michael Meacher.

There are two revelations in the latest batch of CIA documents found abandoned in Tripoli which are truly shocking. One is that the British Government didn’t just tamely comply with the US rendition programme, but actively ran its own rendition operations organised by MI6. Second is the repeated assertion by senior officials in Whitehall that […]

The Blairites are morally bankrupt

by Darrell Goodliffe.

The likes of Alistair Darling are keen to step-up to the plate and sling mud over our record in government but rather less willing to discuss a real issue, like our record on conducting and assisting torture and ‘rendition flights’. This shows the complete moral bankruptcy of the politics of Blairism in this Party. It […]

The questions on Libya Tony Blair needs to answer

by Mark Seddon.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair and former Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw and David Miliband, now face some extremely tough questions as to how much they knew about the extraordinary rendition of prisoners to Libya where they were tortured. The discovery of some extraordinary archives in the ruins of the Ministry of Information in Tripoli by […]

MI5 exposed as a state within a state

by Michael Meacher.

Documents abandoned in the ruined British embassy in Tripoli reveal that MI5 was working hand in glove with Gaddafi’s intelligence services from 2005 onwards to obtain details extracted under torture from ‘terror suspects’ (opponents of the Gaddafi regime) in return for information updates on the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Britain. Yesterday’s Sunday Times […]

Libya: three reasons to curb the euphoria

by Michael Meacher.

Despite the initial euphoria about the downfall of a brutal and erratic autocracy in Libya, three uncomfortable matters emerge from the wreckage – and not just the obvious question of whether the National Transitional Council can bring about the reconciliation for a secure, viable and democratic future for the country. One issue, which should not […]

Libya after Gaddafi

by David Osler.

After exercising a dictatorship over Libya for more than four decades, Muammer Gaddafi now seems to be effectively at the end of his rule. Following a bitterly-fought and surprisingly close run civil war that lasted for six months, the insurgents have reportedly almost completed the capture of Tripoli. The development meets with approval across the […]

Time to break consensus on Libya

by Jon Lansman.

The time for Labour to break with the consensus on Libya is long overdue. The line that continues to be peddled by Jim Murphy from the front bench is “we back the Nato-led operation and continue to offer the Government our support wherever possible.” What criticism is made is to argue that more resources should […]

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