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“I am Labour’s anti-austerity candidate” | Owen Jones meets Liz Kendall

by Owen Jones.

Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall talks about why Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has been so inspiring compared to the other candidates. We also discussed how she would deal with extremism in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the future of the NHS, the living wage, and whether Labour made the right decision in not opposing the Conservative […]

Unison endorses Jeremy Corbyn, as Cooper moves into second place

by James Elliott.

Britain’s second-largest union, UNISON, yesterday endorsed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, and recommended a second preference for Yvette Cooper. This will be a major boost for Corbyn and shows how rapidly his campaign has developed. When Unite, Britain’s largest, endorsed Corbyn on July 5th, many were surprised. For a union considered more moderate than Unite […]

There is a concerted ‘Anyone but Corbyn’ campaign organised by the Labour right

by James Elliott.

The story of the Labour leadership election has moved firmly from which of the four possible contenders could win, to whether or not it could be Jeremy Corbyn – and how to stop him. For many on Labour’s self-proclaimed ‘moderate’, austerity-backing wing of the party, this has become an all out campaign to stop Jeremy […]

Who are you calling unelectable?

by Barnaby Raine.

On a May morning in 2020, the country awakes to five more years of Conservative government. Despite publicly comparing the North to Zimbabwe and after a year of infighting among his ministers, there was never really much doubt that Boris Johnson would secure a parliamentary majority. For the more astute among Labour supporters, the tragedy […]

The Labour right are risking ‘Pasokification’ on their own

by James Elliott.

Harriet Harman’s announcement on the Sunday politics yesterday, that Labour would not be voting against the welfare bill, nor would they oppose child tax credit cuts or the Tories new benefits cap, has rightly drawn condemnation from different sections of the Party, and now both Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham have joined Jeremy Corbyn (who […]

Jeremy Corbyn has got Labour’s right wing on the run

by Michael Meacher.

Having at the outset of the leadership contest been contemptuously written off as ‘unelectable’, Jeremy Corbyn seems to be surprising everyone that he is now rapidly emerging as a serious contender. But they shouldn’t be surprised. He represents what the majority of the Labour Party have been crying out for – a leader who does […]

What are the Labour leadership candidates saying on Greece?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Yesterday’s vote in Greece was a momentous occasion. Almost two thirds of a people, many with politics far removed from that of its leadership, said no to demands for more austerity from the well-heeled bureaucrats of the IMF and European Central Bank, and the ministers of the European Commission. It won’t be until tomorrow that […]

Be in no doubt: Jeremy Corbyn could win this contest

by Jon Lansman.

The agreement by Unite, Britain’s biggest union, by a vote of 34 to 14 of its elected executive, to nominate Jeremy Corbyn represents a turning point in this leadership contest. It is important not because of the extent to which Unite wields direct influence in this election: trade union members may comprise less than a third of those eligible […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the trade unions

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

There were howls of dismay on my Twitter feed last night. And it wasn’t all because Heather Watson lost a close fought match with Serena Williams. It had something to do with this: that the Telegraph was reporting that Unite and the GMB look all set to endorse Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy for the Labour Party leadership […]

Why are the Right endorsing Liz Kendall?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Why are the Right endorsing Liz Kendall? I’m not talking about the right of the Labour Party, but the proper right. People like The Sun. People like “helpful” Tories telling any hack who cares to listen that she is the candidate they most fear. People like heads of business who like what she has to say about deficit […]

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