“I am Labour’s anti-austerity candidate” | Owen Jones meets Liz Kendall

Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall talks about why Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has been so inspiring compared to the other candidates. We also discussed how she would deal with extremism in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the future of the NHS, the living wage, and whether Labour made the right decision in not opposing the Conservative government’s welfare bill.

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Unison endorses Jeremy Corbyn, as Cooper moves into second place

UNISONBritain’s second-largest union, UNISON, yesterday endorsed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, and recommended a second preference for Yvette Cooper.

This will be a major boost for Corbyn and shows how rapidly his campaign has developed. When Unite, Britain’s largest, endorsed Corbyn on July 5th, many were surprised. For a union considered more moderate than Unite to back Corbyn too should be worrying for the ‘Anyone but Corbyn’ camp, and shows their attacks are not cutting through.  Continue reading

There is a concerted ‘Anyone but Corbyn’ campaign organised by the Labour right

Labour Leadership Candidates and now they are 4_edited-1The story of the Labour leadership election has moved firmly from which of the four possible contenders could win, to whether or not it could be Jeremy Corbyn – and how to stop him. For many on Labour’s self-proclaimed ‘moderate’, austerity-backing wing of the party, this has become an all out campaign to stop Jeremy winning – and all the dirty tricks are coming out.

Labour First activist and blogger, Luke Akehurst, whose views and politics we have reported on before, sent an email in which he outlined Labour First’s campaign to fight Corbyn. He has also tweeted, “Labour First is fighting to stop nightmare of a Corbyn leadership.” Continue reading

Who are you calling unelectable?

Liz Kendall for ToryOn a May morning in 2020, the country awakes to five more years of Conservative government. Despite publicly comparing the North to Zimbabwe and after a year of infighting among his ministers, there was never really much doubt that Boris Johnson would secure a parliamentary majority. For the more astute among Labour supporters, the tragedy seemed horribly avoidable. In 2015 they had retreated to their comfort zone and chosen a leader who harked back to a bygone age, utterly ill equipped to win back voters in a changed country. Over the next five years they had predictably slumped in the polls.

This dreaded scenario looms like a spectre over Labour’s leadership contest. Which of the leadership candidates is most likely to bring it about? Continue reading

The Labour right are risking ‘Pasokification’ on their own

Harriet_Harman,_2014Harriet Harman’s announcement on the Sunday politics yesterday, that Labour would not be voting against the welfare bill, nor would they oppose child tax credit cuts or the Tories new benefits cap, has rightly drawn condemnation from different sections of the Party, and now both Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham have joined Jeremy Corbyn (who launched a petition last night) calling for opposition to the child tax credit cut. Kendall has remained silent, while none of the candidates have yet said they would oppose the new lower benefit cap (of £23,000 in London, and £20,000 outside of London – an astonishing cut of 23%) with the exception of Jeremy Corbyn, who has already said in hustings that he is opposed to the cap altogether.

It is worth remembering, that both Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham voted in favour of the initial household benefit cap in 2014, despite Save the Children’s report that the policy would push 345,000 children into poverty. Of all the leadership and deputy leadership candidates, only Corbyn and Watson voted through the ‘No’ lobby on that occasion. Continue reading