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“I am Labour’s anti-austerity candidate” | Owen Jones meets Liz Kendall

Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall talks about why Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has been so inspiring compared to the other candidates. We also discussed how she would deal with extremism in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the future of the NHS, the living wage, and whether Labour made the right decision in not opposing the Conservative government’s welfare bill.

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  1. David Pavett says:

    I wish that I could see the point of this interview.

    Owen Jones remains throughout a the superficial level of asking Liz K to repeat or deny her own policy statement or getting he reaction to side swipes (Do you support an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia? Do you condemn Tony Blair for working for dictators?). What he doesn’t do is to get at her underlying reasons for her political and economic policies i.e. the sort of thing that you don’t normally get from political policy statements. What are her views about the nature of society, what does she base her economic views on? After this interview we are none the wiser.

  2. David Ellis says:

    Owen Jones seems intent on making sure that a Corby leadership when it takes over is not just moderate or rather timid in its politics but timid also in the way it deals with the right wing. But this is completely wrong. Labour is facing an existential crisis. If the right wins or are not dealt with harshly Labour will be wiped out. Unfortunately it does not augur well when Corbyn supporters say they are if they lose prepared to be loyal if they lose which means sitting for five years in parliament behind some blairite clone offering zero opposition to the most vicious government ever. After that the left will be as dead as the right. The working class electorate will make no distinction as in Scotland and that will be the end of the Labour Party.

  3. Robert says:

    To be honest I could have asked her better questions, she may have stormed out, but it would have had a better political point.

    Kendall problem is a simple one and the same issues for Miliband, they had been in labour for five minutes, have done so little people could not make up their minds should we trust them or not and it was decided not to. Corbyn has been in labour a lot longer but had not held to many offices and had basically disagreed with most leaders, but he decided somebody from the left had to try and nobody else was interested .

    Burnham is a bloke who I suspect sees himself as the leader and will do say and act in such a way that we all cannot decide if he is left right or what ever.

    Cooper is we are told a moderate which means she hopes to win by being sod all , neither left or right but again has not got what it takes.

    Basically Osborne must be laughing all the way to the next election.

    The one thing you can say about Progress and Kendall they are going down fighting.

  4. John P Reid says:

    Well at least it’s as bias as the Panorama documentary

    1. Robert says:

      How is it going Tory boy still making out your labour.

      1. john P Reid says:

        don’t know Plaid Cymru ,granddad,
        still voting in labour leadership lections even though you’re a member of another party, I thought you said you had no interest in what I said

  5. john P Reid says:

    I see Ken livignstones got the hump complaining about a all those talking of a coup against Jez if he wins ,
    isn’t that the same livingstone who ousted Andrew Mckintosh in a coup in 1981

  6. David Pavett says:

    I am still wondering what Owen Jones thought the purpose of this interview was. It would be very helpful if he could join the debate and tell us. Or is such a suggestion a case of “democracy gone mad”?

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