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The Liberal Democrats are totally stuffed

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A Tory and a LibDem standing on the edge of a cliff. Who do you push off first? The Tory, obvs: business always comes before pleasure. So goes the favourite gag of a former shadcab member. A number of longer-serving Labour activists might appreciate that, but the joke’s in danger of being a touch dated. […]

Cameron up shit creek as defeat beckons

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron’s last desperate throw by rousing English nationalism is clearly aimed at saving Tory seats in areas where the UKIP challenge is pressing hardest, in order to ratchet up the total number of Tory seats which, when combined with likely allies, will enable him to just slip over the line back into Downing Street. On […]

Lib Dems: “no one likes us and we don’t care!”

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Clegg could have said “no one likes us and we don’t care.” Reviled by the Tories and Labour in equal measure – that’s the lot of the Liberal Democrat. But now you’re scrapping with the Greens for fourth place, and your main competitors are them and Farage’s pint quaffing, poison-swilling rabble; this year’s party conference […]

Lest we forget: why you should never, ever trust a Lib Dem

by Jon Lansman.

Let’s never forget what Nick Clegg promised just four years ago: I really think tuition fees are wrong. I think it is wrong to saddle young people with £25,000 of debt before they’ve even taken a step in adult life.”

Detoxifying the Liberal Democrats

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What are we to make of the LibDem’s about-turn on the bedroom tax? Whole-hearted penance or are more cynical motives at work? I’m sure readers won’t be shocked if the truth lies closer to the latter pole than the former, but it begs the question. With up to two-thirds of the Parliamentary party looking to have an […]

The Lib Dem leadership crisis

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Oh no, not the LibDems again. Yes, the crisis in the yellow party rumbles on and on. Though, to be accurate,  this is nothing new – it’s been on slow burn since they spectacularly and wretchedly betrayed their tuition fees pledge. Every vicious turn since, be it the bedroom tax, defending work capability assessments, cheering the backdoor […]

The coming Lib Dem – Tory war

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Believe it or not, there is one time of the year the political commentariat are more insufferable than the nonsense of the silly season. And that’s when it’s Liberal Democrat conference. And it is painful, I mean, really painful. Let’s look at the exhibits. Underneath the demand-destroying cuts and general laissez-faire attitude to economics, Vince Cable has been hinting […]

Lobbying scandal? Better bring up the stale old anti-union vomit

by Len McCluskey.

If Britain’s political elite is despised for one thing as much as its corruption, from MPs’ expenses to the revolving door with business to its once more-exposed flogging of parliamentary influence for cash, it is its cynicism. The Cameron-Clegg response to the latest lobbying scandal shows why. Confronted with evidence of MPs and peers influence-peddling at the […]

“State-school” Clegg, and when did selfishness become the norm?

by Conrad Landin.

“Nick Clegg to send son to state school”, muttered the headline in the “most viewed” column on the BBC News website. This was a not-unpleasant surprise for me – for when a public figure says they are “considering” going private, it usually means the decision has already been made. It is of course a relief […]

Listen: Conrad Landin debates private schools with ex-head of Harrow

by Newsdesk.

Left Futures associate editor Conrad Landin appeared on the international radio station Voice of Russia on Wednesday to discuss private education. The half-hour panel discussion also included Barnaby Lenon, the chair of the Independent Schools Council and former head of the exclusive Harrow School; Lib Dem blogger Mark Thompson; and educational researcher Alka Sehgal Cuthbert. […]

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