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Private school Clegg: have our politicians no shame?

by Conrad Landin.

Surprise, surprise. Nick Clegg, the man who once said the attainment gap between state and private schools was “corrosive for our society and damaging to our economy”, is considering going private for his own son. “I’ve never, ever, ever sought to make my children’s education or my children a political football,” he told radio station […]

Clegg should say ‘sorry’ for the economy, not just tuition fees

by Michael Meacher.

Clegg, alias Osborne in sheep’s clothing, tries to pretend he’s sorry about tuition fees (though actually he isn’t, he’s only sorry about having made a commitment which it turned out politically inconvenient to keep to), but his speech yesterday showed not a scintilla of contrition about what he should really be apologising about, namely supporting the coalition hook, […]

Book review: ‘Nick Clegg: the biography’ by Chris Bowers

by David Osler.

UNDER Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrats stood against the Iraq war, did not want a replacement for Trident, opposed tuition fees, and favoured a 50p tax band for Britain’s highest earners. I was not a Labour Party member in 2005, and while socialist principle precluded me from even considering support for a party with no […]

Benefits, an increasing deficit and the obsession with cuts

by Michael Meacher.

Pace Andrew Mitchell, Osborne’s proposed £10bn benefit cut for poor families looks set to become the litmus test for the party conference season. It is almost incredible that Osborne should be demanding this when (i) £18bn is already being sliced from benefits, (ii) no increase in taxes at all is being proposed to fill the […]

If the Lib Dems bring down the Tories, then we can talk (and they can save their skins)

by Jon Lansman.

Most people within Labour who advocate working with the Lib Dems focus on 2015. Neal Lawson, for example, in the New Statesman last week, asks Lib Dems “who would you rather form a coalition with in less than two and half years’ time?” Most of the Left are not so keen on working with those […]

Clegg’s “apology” – the remix

by Newsdesk.

Great stuff.

It’s all over now, for Nick Clegg

by Carl Packman.

What could possibly be worse for Nick Clegg than Labour grimacing at him over his admission that he’d join in coalition with them if they were to fall short of a Commons majority in 2015? It’s not outright hostility, but pity. Once upon a time it was an unwritten rule that Labour party activists, particularly […]

What’s the worst the Lib Dems have done?

by Jon Lansman.

What is it? The worst thing? Lying about student fees? Continuing to sell out on the NHS? Not for me. It’s the economy stupid. Making Labour the scapegoat for the deficit instead of facing up to the problem. Cameron couldn’t have done it without them.  And now they’ve bounced along the bottom in the polls […]

Where’s Labour in the battle to save the NHS

by Michael Meacher.

It’s all very well for Nick Clegg regaling us each day with what he’s going to do to Lansley and the NHS Bill if his amendments to it aren’t accepted by the Tories. And now we learn what the Tory backwoodsmen are going to do if their ‘red lines’ are not accepted by Clegg. But […]

The Tories: fear them, hate them by all means, but be in awe of their genius

by Owen Jones.

For many Labour supporters who woke up this morning, this is what ‘schadenfreude’ was introduced into the lexicon for. The smell of toast Lib Dem wafted through their windows up and down the country. In the year since Britain fell back under Tory domination, the most passionate vitriol has been reserved for the Lib Dems: […]

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