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Corbyn’s dialogue with Irish republicans shows the strength of diplomacy

by Nathan Akehurst.

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are often accused of only ever talking to people they agree with. It is fair to say that nothing gets accomplished by disengaging from disagreement. Parties need to negotiate, and when at negotiating tables parties need to behave as equals. That’s why Corbyn the peace-lover’s willingness to stretch a hand out to some […]

Perfidious Albion

by Gerry Adams.

The decision by Drew Harris, the Assistant Chief Constable of the PSNI, not to investigate killings carried out by the secret British Army Military Reaction Force (MRF) of the early 1970s will surprise few within the nationalist community. The MRF was the subject of a BBC programme last year. In it members of that clandestine force […]

On The Run letters – A sham crisis

by Gerry Adams.

The grandstanding by the DUP and other unionist politicians over On The Run letters (OTRs) is a sham crisis which has more to do with upcoming elections than with dealing with and resolving legacy issues. In recent days there has been deliberate misrepresentation about the OTR issue and the provision of letters by the British government. […]

Sinn Féin opposed to austerity, North and South

by Declan Kearney.

Mike Penning, former Tory Northern Ireland Office minister, and now Work and Pensions Minister flew briefly into Belfast last week on a mission. He threatened that unless his government’s cuts agenda is implemented here, penalties will be imposed on the Executive. Incredibly he said welfare cuts was a matter of fairness. He arrogantly accused those of us […]

No Going Back

by Gerry Adams.

Belfast 2013 is not the City I grew up in. In my youth and for much of my adult life Belfast was a place in which nationalists had no rights; a place where sectarianism and discrimination, injustice and inequality were commonplace and exercised as a matter of institutional and political practice.

Full public inquiry needed into Finucane murder and state collusion

by Andy Newman.

Sinn Féin West Belfast MP, Paul Maskey, after having sight of the de Silva Report into the murder of Belfast Solicitor Pat Finucane, said that its conclusions only serve to reinforce the need for a full Independent Public Inquiry. Paul Maskey said: We fully support the demand by Geraldine Finucane, Pat’s widow and her family for […]

Just how left wing is Sinn Féin?

by David Osler.

There is a political party in the United Kingdom – and I use the geographical expression advisedly – content to serve as junior partner in a rightwing-dominated coalition committed to austerity, reductions in public spending, privatisation, the PFI and tax cuts for business. And no, I am not talking about the Liberal Democrats. Unfortunately, such […]

Nationalism, Unionism and Englishness

by Andy Newman.

David Miliband’s article on England and English identity in this week’s New Statesman was unremarkable in its content, but was worth noting because of the rarity of a senior Labour politician addressing the so-called English question at all, the last occasion being a speech by Frank Field in 2008.

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