Joanna Baxter replaces Oona King on the NEC

The appointment of former MP and losing candidate for London Mayor, Oona King, to the House of Lords means she loses her place representing constituency parties on Labour’s national executive before she’d even attended her first proper meeting. Her replacement is runner-up Johanna Baxter, elected in spite of being on no-one’s slate. Johanna’s election leaflet didn’t reveal too much about where she stands on controversial issues of the day but she’s a welcome replacement none the less. She’s a national officer for trade union Prospect and voted for Ed Balls in the leadership election, but quoted support from other leadership candidates (not including Dianne Abbott).

Ken Livingstone beats Oona King (but with a low union turnout for a leadership election)

ken livingstoneKen Livingstone has overwhelmingly won the Labour nomination for Mayor of London by a majority of more than 2 to 1 overall, with a slightly better result in the trade unions than amongst Labour party individual members. Ken was master of his brief and never looked remotely vulnerable to Oona King’s challenge. He derived support from all parts of Labour’s political spectrum, from London MPs, councillors and members of the London assembly.

The only surprising aspect  — which says more about the leadership contest than it does the mayoral since the two were run together — is that the union turnout was rather low. Continue reading

Has Oona King given up?

Within the last hour Ken Livingstone’s campaign team sent out a further rallying e-mail, calling on people to back him to take on Boris Johnson and the Tories:

One week ago Boris Johnson confirmed that he will run again. His interview on Andrew Marr’s BBC programme last weekend shows what’s at stake. He said of the government’s cuts: “They’re absolutely right to make cuts and you know we in the government in London have been making you know very substantial cuts for the last two years.” Continue reading