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Joanna Baxter replaces Oona King on the NEC

The appointment of former MP and losing candidate for London Mayor, Oona King, to the House of Lords means she loses her place representing constituency parties on Labour’s national executive before she’d even attended her first proper meeting. Her replacement is runner-up Johanna Baxter, elected in spite of being on no-one’s slate. Johanna’s election leaflet didn’t reveal too much about where she stands on controversial issues of the day but she’s a welcome replacement none the less. She’s a national officer for trade union Prospect and voted for Ed Balls in the leadership election, but quoted support from other leadership candidates (not including Dianne Abbott).


  1. I voted for Joanna (and Ed Balls BTW).

    She’ll be an excellent NEC member

    Well done.

  2. Martin Hickman says:

    not happy prospect are a scab union they they stabbed PCS in the back over the civil service redundancy package

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