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Ken Livingstone beats Oona King (but with a low union turnout for a leadership election)

ken livingstoneKen Livingstone has overwhelmingly won the Labour nomination for Mayor of London by a majority of more than 2 to 1 overall, with a slightly better result in the trade unions than amongst Labour party individual members. Ken was master of his brief and never looked remotely vulnerable to Oona King’s challenge. He derived support from all parts of Labour’s political spectrum, from London MPs, councillors and members of the London assembly.

The only surprising aspect  — which says more about the leadership contest than it does the mayoral since the two were run together — is that the union turnout was rather low. Amongst individual members, the turnout here was 69%, exactly the same as the national turnout in the 1994 leadership contest. Union members’ turnout was, at 11%, significantly less than the 19% national turnout in the 1994 (although it is higher than the 8% reported in the 2007 deputy leadership).

The detailed results, for the record, are:

Labour Party Trade Union Electoral College
Oona King




Ken Livingstone




Turnout 69% 11%

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