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United we stand? The Southern Rail dispute and the unions

by George Waterhouse.

117 years ago, my great-great grandad, president of the Amalgamated Society of railway servants (ASRS), sat down in a meeting between the executives of ASRS and the Associated Society of locomotive engineers and firemen (ASLEF) to discuss federation. Had they succeeded in establishing unity between the rail unions back then, I might not be writing […]

Mick Cash, new RMT leader, promises “no deviation” from Bob Crow’s approach

by Jon Lansman.

Mick Cash, deputy to Bob Crow for 12 years until his tragic death in March, was this week elected to succeed him as general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT). He first joined its predecessor, the National Union of Railwaymen, 35 years ago as a track worker. Mick won by an overwhelming […]

Bob Crow’s funeral (video)

by Newsdesk.

Thousands of trade unionists today paid tribute to RMT general secretary Bob Crow as along the route of his traditional East End funeral in which his coffin was carried in a horse-drawn carriage. Banners were displayed along the route from the RMT and other trade unions as well as left organisations such as the Stop The War Coalition, […]

Bob Crow: a reporter’s story

by John Millington.

It was just another average afternoon as a news reporter. I’d bagged a good story and was now waiting for the train back home. Suddenly I see Bob Crow along with other RMT activists waiting to board the same train. He’d only met me on a handful of occasions but he still knew me by […]

The tragic death of Bob Crow – a great union leader

by Jon Lansman.

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, has tragically died at the age of 52. According to a statement from the RMT, he died in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It has now been reported that he suffered a massive heart attack. He was rushed into Whipps Cross hospital in Leytonstone by ambulance at about 7am, […]

Strike ballots and unintended consequencies

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Johnson’s at it again. Rather than sit down and have meaningful dialogue with workers’ representatives on the London Underground, he’s been carping about a “lack of mandate” because the RMT’s successful strike ballot came off the back of a 40% turnout. Instead, Johnson believes every ballot for industrial action should meet a 50% threshold to […]

The battle to keep ticket offices open on the London Underground

by Newsdesk.

In the next two weeks, members of rail unions RMT and the TSSA are planning two 48-hour strikes, from noon on 4 February and again from 11 February. This video sets out the background: the threats to London Underground ticket offices and staff, and, in the longer run, a fully automated underground system including driverless trains, no-one […]

RMT and TSSA talking of merger

by Andy Newman.

News that rail unions, RMT and TSSA, who between them have about 110000 members are starting talks about a possible future merger is very interesting, and any such move might also drag in the 18000 strong craft union, ASLEF,  to create a powerful new transport union.

Bombardier redundancies: does anybody care about Derby?

by David Osler.

Thanks to my job as a business journalist, I can reel off facts and figures on topics from projected GDP growth in the Russian Federation to the outlook for tanker chartering rates. But I couldn’t tell you much about what they do in Derby these days. There’s no reason why I should know that, of course. […]

Tories get it all wrong on Livingstone campaign donations

by Andy Newman.

The Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has briefed the Evening Standard, asking “what exactly Bob Crow will be getting in return for his campaign donations” to Ken Livingstone’s campaign. Yet no donation has been received. Specifically Philip Hammond said: “I’m sure many Londoners, like me, will be wondering what exactly Bob Crow will be getting in return […]

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