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G4S, Serco, Rotherham all bang to rights, but still carry on business as usual

by Michael Meacher.

The Commons spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee, has uncovered that G4S has been allowed to bid for further government contracts while being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office regarding £110m contracts for cheating the taxpayer over payments for tagging prisoners on probation and for its improper management of invoicing, delivery and performance reporting. Serco […]

Where’s accountability over Shaun Wright, Rotherham child care, police apology 3 years late?

by Michael Meacher.

I never expected, having called for bankers, doctors, business executives, MPs, police, media to be held to account for serious wrongdoing by sacking and/or prison in the worst cases, that the imperative for such accountability would be so quickly manifested. On 26 August Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, was finally forced to apologise, […]

Avoiding charge of racism is a cover for patriarchy and misogyny in Rotherham

by Diane Abbott.

The child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham is a toxic mix of race, class and misogyny. And this was not a handful of girls hidden in a cellar by a particular gang. This was hundreds of young women (and some young men), year on year, being victimised in plain sight. Anybody who took a cab […]

How not to write about Rotherham

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Sexual violence against women and girls comes in all skin colours, all languages, all forms of religious belief. One would hope its tacit acceptance by institutions laying claim to the protection of the most vulnerable lies in the distant past. But the report into the institutional silence, if not silencing of the victims of a Pakistani-descent paedophile gang […]

Rotherham election analysis: UKIP win the popular vote in Labour disaster No 1

by Jon Lansman.

The election result in Rotherham declared in the early hours of this morning was a disaster for Labour. UKIP  won 10 seats (+9) to Labour’s eleven, but UKIP won the popular vote with 46% compared with 43% Labour, 10% Conservative, and 6% other. It would take a further swing from Labour to UKIP of only 4.5% for it […]

The best of 2012: our coverage of the ins and outs of Labour politics

by Newsdesk.

It’s been a fantastic year for Left Futures – more visitors than ever, many new contributors, and a lively debate in the comment section. But as a grassroots community, we are only as strong as our readers – so thanks for returning to the site again and again! So, a Happy New Year to all […]

Congratulations Sarah: now let’s learn the lessons of Rotherham

by Conrad Landin.

Congratulations to Sarah Champion, the new Labour MP for Rotherham (full results below). She will no doubt do a great job in the role – we hope better than her predecessor Denis MacShane. So can we all breathe a sigh of relief? Well, of course, in that Labour won. Respect may be capable of delivering […]

Labour success spoilt once again by selection shenanigans

by Michael Meacher.

It is sad that Labour’s election bonanza yesterday at Corby, Manchester Central, Cardiff South and many Police Commissioner elections is once again tarnished by selection shenanigans. Rotherham CLP two days ago selected their candidate to succeed Denis McShane, or rather were prevented from selecting candidates whom they might well have selected if they had been […]

Rotherham: let’s hope the price of control freakery isn’t too high

by Jon Lansman.

In commenting further on the Rotheram by-election now just two weeks away, we are working hard on our self-restraint. The walk-out of the vast majority of party members from the selection meeting, the fact that the final tally in an OMOV ballot of all party members was 13 to 11, speaks for itself. The post-mortem […]

Video: Rotherham deputy leader confronts party official at selection meeting

by Newsdesk.

This short video was linked from the website of the Rotherham Advertiser. It features a member of the constituency party – identified on Twitter as council deputy leader Jahangir Akhtar – confronting a party official on the exclusion of candidates from the NEC shortlist. This is presumably before the majority of members present at the […]

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