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The Thatcherite agenda lives on more for Blair than for Britain

by Bryan Gould.

The poll conducted by You-Gov Cambridge and published this week in The Guardian shows that the British are more ready than the Americans, French and Germans to affirm their continued belief in the values of fairness, compassion, and concern for others, and to look to their government to act in line with those values. The […]

Public support higher taxes for rich

by Jon Lansman.

The latest YouGov opinion poll continues to demonstrate public support for more progressive taxes. Supporters of abolishing the 50p top rate of income tax outnumber opponents, for example, by almost three to one (59% to 23%). Labour and Lib Dem supporters support it most strongly(70/72% to 16/15% respectively) but even Tory voters do by 50% to […]

Time to break consensus on Libya

by Jon Lansman.

The time for Labour to break with the consensus on Libya is long overdue. The line that continues to be peddled by Jim Murphy from the front bench is “we back the Nato-led operation and continue to offer the Government our support wherever possible.” What criticism is made is to argue that more resources should […]

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