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Time to break consensus on Libya

The time for Labour to break with the consensus on Libya is long overdue. The line that continues to be peddled by Jim Murphy from the front bench is “we back the Nato-led operation and continue to offer the Government our support wherever possible.” What criticism is made is to argue that more resources should have been made available in the defence review — and he’s not arguing it should come from cancelling the Trident replacement! Yet no-one pretends that the Coalition’s current objectives remain based on the security council’s view and half the public now think the Coalition’s military action in Libya is going badly.

The movement of public opinion has been tracked throughout by YouGov. This shows that roughly half the public have thought the action was going badly since mid June, whilst those who think its going badly fell below 30% in late June.

A smaller majority of the public have also believed since  mid-June that the military intervention was wrong — prior to that opinion had been evenly divided.


  1. Gary Elsby says:

    If the coalition’s views are not based on the Security Council’s primary objective (the law), then who’s views are running this campaign (breaking the law)?

    To think that a Labour Party currently supports this is truly breathtaking.

    Meanwhile over in Somalia………children die for lack of food.

  2. Mick Hall says:

    Gary exactly, always money for war, but not starving people, what a f——— world

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