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Unequal wealth in the UK – the best illustration ever

A truly excellent video – which will take up less than 3 minutes of your life – about inequality as British people think it is and should be, and how much worse it really is. From the good people at Inequality Briefing. Very well done to them.

Hat tip: Socialist Unity. This video is essentially a remake of the US version which we showed last year

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  1. David Pavett says:

    Very nice illustration of inequality. Labour claims to want to make a society “for the many not the few”. Why does it not regularly use data like this? I suggest that it does not because to do so would be to embarrass itself with its own lack of plans to substantially change the inequality shown in the video. Under Blair even the rhetoric of equality disappeared. Now the rhetoric is back many think that a big step forward has been made. Has it?

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