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Leadership: Unison backs Ed Miliband

Unison, Britain’s second biggest union, has decided to nominate Ed Miliband, on whose prospects the odds had shortened even before the decision.

The Unison press release reads as follows:

UNISON’s national political committee today (21 July) gave Ed Miliband its backing in the forthcoming ballot for Labour leadership. The decision was taken after consultation throughout the affiliated members of the union. Hustings at UNISON’s national political conference, attended by 200 UNISON Labour Party members representing the regions, were held in early July. All the candidates were present and the hustings were broadcast over the union’s website. There will be an OMOV ballot of UNISON’s affiliated members, conducted by the Electoral Reform Society. Affiliated trade unions make up one-third of the electoral college. The ballot closes on 22 September.

Unite, Britain’s largest union is the only other significant union which has not yet agreed a nomination. Its key meetings are its national political committee on Saturday and its executive next Monday (which is the closing date).  Sources suggest that Unite will back either Ed Miliband or Ed Balls. It is extremely unlikely to go to any other candidate.


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