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Labour’s Future: the other elections

Labour’s future direction isn’t only about who is its next leader. The ballot papers landing on members’ doormats from today include those for Labour’s national executive and national policy forum. With many new members and a turnout that is likely to be higher than usual because of the Leadership election, this will be a crucial test of the mood for change from the party membership, with the centre-left poised to do well if nominations are an indication of support.tional Executive

The constituency section of the national executive  last time round returned a centre-left majority of four to two.  The centre-left slate circulated by CLPD , Compass Youth, Labour Black Representation Committee and Scottish Labour Womens Network (and also backed by Labour CND, see slate leaflet)  appeals for votes for Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Peter Willsman, Ken Livingstone, Sam Tarry and Sofi Taylor.  The first three (all sitting members) received significantly more nominations than in 2008 with Ann Black up from 182 to 275, reflecting her prominence as this year’s party chair.  Ken Livingstone also received 235 helping to give the Centre-Left slate 973 nominations altogether compared with 673 for the right-wing Labour First slate.

In spite of a failure to reach agreement between all centre-left organisations, this is the best performance by the centre-left slate for some time not only in absolute numbers but also proportionately.  Of those members of the Labour First slate who have stood before, only sitting member Ellie Reeves received a significant increase in nominations. Peter Wheeler, the other right-wing sitting member, received almost exactly the same as last time in spite of the higher number of CLPs nominating and the other two who had stood before received fewer.

On both left and right there are also independent candidates, the one with the highest number of nominations being Johanna Baxter,  a Prospect official living in London but originally from Scotland, who managed 65 — a very high number for an “independent”. However, neither she nor (even less) left-wingers Peter Kenyon ( 28 nominations — fewer than half the 65 he got in 2008 when he was elected) and Susan Press (27 nominations)  stand any chance or being elected in spite of support from Save the Labour Party and the LRC for their candidatures. However, any left-wing votes for the latter two candidates may well deprive the Centre-Left of a fifth NEC seat which they might otherwise be expected to win.

There is also an important contest for Treasurer between  leading woman member of the NEC, Diana Holland, who is Assistant General Secretary of Unite, and Baron Prescott of Kingston-Upon-Hull. Diana is backed by 53 CLPs as well as eight trade unions (all those who made a nomination) and the Centre-Left slate.

National Policy Forum

This is the first election for CLP places to take place by OMOV.


The Centre-Left Grasroots Alliance (which includes the Scottish Labour Womens Network and LRC Scotland) are backing Maria Fyfe, Ann Henderson, Jim Mackechnie and Gordon McKay who have 27 nominations between them compared with 10 for the three Labour First-backed nominees.


The Welsh Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance is backing Nick DaviesGail GilesAnnabelle Harle, and Darren Williams who have 30 nominations compared with 27 for the Labour First-backed nominees. Left candidate for the youth place, Rhian Greaves, has been elected unopposed.


Campaign for Labour Party Democracy members in the region are backing  Russell Cartwright, Jenny Holland, and Lorna Trollope as well as Toby Brown for the youth seat and Daniel Zeichner (who is also backed by Labour First).

East Midlands

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy members in the region are backing Charmaine Morgan, Ian Morrison and Stephen Yemm.

Greater London

Although there is no agreed slate for the region, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy members in the region are backing Gary Heather and Cat Smith, together with Shani Gray for the youth seat. LRC members are backing Gordon Nardell in addition although, like Thomas Gardner, backed by London Labour Left, he is unlikely to win based on nominations. Two candidates backed by both Labour First and some of the Centre-Left, Nicky Gavron and Alon Or-bach are likely to retein their seats.


Centre-Left Grasroots Alliance supporters in the region are backing Veronica Killen and David-Taylor-Goodby.


The Centre-Left Grasroots Alliance is backing Mohammed Azam, Paul France, Kathleen Fry and Lisa Hamilton as well as Rebecca Hodgson for the youth seat. The Centre Left is comfortably ahead on nominations at 29 compared with 22 for the Labour First-backed nominees (16 to 6 ahead for the youth seat).


Campaign for Labour Party Democracy members in the region are backing Vicki BlackAnn PhilipsDavid Stokes and Doug Naysmith (who is also backed by Labour First) as well as Gus Baker for the youth place. Although Labour First-backed nominees are ahead on noninations, the front-runner is on neither slate — former MEP, Glyn Ford.

West Midlands

There are no Left candidates in the West Midlands but Stephanie Peacock probably the most supportable of those who have been nominated.


Yorkshire Centre-Left Grasroots Alliance are backing Lorraine Ferris, George McManus, Nikki Sharpe and Alex Sobel as well as Jack Falkingham for the youth place. For further information, download the Yorkshire flyer.

Local Government Section

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is calling for a vote for Cllr Angela Cornforth, Labour Councillor for 20 years, having served on Lewisham and Greenwich Councils and having been Deputy Leader in both. Angela has been Treasurer of her Unite Branch and Secretary of Greenwich Coop Party. On the NPF, Angela would press for local government to have a higher profile and for a coordinated strategy for fighting the government’s attacks.


  1. IoW says:

    In the election for Labour Party Treasurer the overwhelming majority of Labour affiliated unions are supporting Unite AGS Diana Holland.

    Diana is also supported by, among others, Jon Cruddas and Ken Livingstone who says: “I have known Diana Holland for many years. She has not been afraid to question and challenge, and has always stood up for members, working people, equality and justice. I am sure that as Treasurer she would be trustworthy and accountable. She would work hard to put the finances on a sustainable footing to support a campaigning, progressive party, making sure Party members are included, not excluded. In my experience, Diana is a person of honesty and integrity – the person we need as Treasurer of our Party. That’s why I’m supporting Diana Holland for Labour Party Treasurer.”

    Check her out at:

  2. John Simon says:

    Hi, who are the Labour First nominated candidates in Scotland? none on ballot that i can see – there is a Scotland First but I dont think they are Labour First. Seems they are talking about a Scottish pespective – and it seems to have worked as they have a lot more nominations than the others.

  3. swatantra says:

    Ann Black, etc, get my vote.
    For Treasurer, I’ll be backing Diana, not Prezza.
    And, the Eastern Region have a really strong team, and get my support.

  4. Robert says:

    Working people well leaves me out then….

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