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Shadow Cabinet is half female (almost) and Ed has a majority (just)

The Shadow Cabinet elections are good news for Ed Miliband – half the members will be female if one of the two Lords members is a woman (Jan Royall is currently Leader in the Lords), and he should be able to command a majority (just about) even on the most contentious issues.  Four sitting members were defeated (Peter Hain – by 3 votes, Pat McFadden, Shawn Woodward, and Ben Bradshaw -by a mile). Diane Abbott failed to be elected — so much for inclusiveness — but with 59 votes, she won support way beyond the Campaign Group.

The Shadow Cabinet comprises 25 members — the Leader, Deputy Leader (Harriet Harman), Chief Whip (Rosie Winterton), the PLP Chair(Tony Lloyd), 19 elected by the parliamentary party and 2 from the Lords. Ten elected members voted for David Miliband, at least one of whom (Angela Eagle) has never been regarded as a Blairite. Since Rosie Winterton voted for Ed Miliband, Harriet Harman and Tony Lloyd supported him but did not vote,and the Leader appoints the remaining two, he can count on a majority.

The elected members are (sitting members in bold, Leadership votes in brackets):

1 Yvette Cooper (Balls) 232

2 John Healey (Balls) 192

3 Ed Balls (Balls) 179

4=Andy Burnham (Burnham) 165

4= Angela Eagle (David M) 165

6 Alan Johnson (David M) 163

7= Douglas Alexander(David M) 160

7= Jim Murphy (David M) 160

9 Tessa Jowell(David M)  152

10 Caroline Flint (David M) 139

11 John Denham(Ed M) 129

12= Hilary Benn(Ed M) 128

12= Sadiq Khan(Ed M) 128

14 Mary Creagh (David M) 119

15 Ann McKechin (Ed M) 117

16 Maria Eagle (Ed M) 107

17 Meg Hillier (David M) 106

18 Ivan Lewis (David M) 104

19 Liam Byrne (David M) 100

Full results (in order of election) are as follows

Yvette Cooper 232 ELECTED
John Healey 192 ELECTED
Ed Balls 179 ELECTED
Andy Burnham 165 ELECTED
Angela Eagle 165 ELECTED
Alan Johnson 163 ELECTED
Douglas Alexander 160 ELECTED
Jim Murphy 160 ELECTED
Tessa Jowell 152 ELECTED
Caroline Flint 139 ELECTED
John Denham 129 ELECTED
Hilary Benn 128 ELECTED
Sadiq Khan 128 ELECTED
Mary Creagh 119 ELECTED
Ann McKechin 117 ELECTED
Maria Eagle 107 ELECTED
Meg Hillier 106 ELECTED
Ivan Lewis 104 ELECTED
Liam Byrne 100 ELECTED
Emily Thornberry 99
Peter Hain 97
Fiona Mactaggart 88
Barbara Keeley 87
Vernon Coaker 85
Pat McFadden 84
Helen Goodman 80
David Lammy 80
Stephen Timms 79
Chris Bryant 77
Shaun Woodward 72
Gareth Thomas 71
Kevan Jones 68
Kevin Brennan 64
Roberta Blackman-Woods 63
Diane Abbott 59
Stephen Twigg 55
Tom Harris 54
Ben Bradshaw 53
Iain Wright 43
Barry Gardiner 41
David Hanson 38
Ian Lucas 34
Wayne David 30
Huw Irranca-Davies 28
Chris Leslie 26
Rob Flello 15
Mike Gapes 12
Alun Michael 11
Eric Joyce 10

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