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Tax avoiders – the real “enemy within”

Sir Philip Green together with other individual and corporate tax dodgers were targeted yesterday in a national wave of peaceful protest in 20 cities against tax dodgers and the cuts. Green’s flagship store in London’s Oxford Street — Britain’s largest fashion store — was closed for 3 hours, losing the company thousands on one of the year’s busiest shopping days. This is an inspiring campaign which can capture widespread public sympathy. It has already been backed, according to the Guardian, by two mainstream anti-poverty organisations – the Jubilee Debt Campaign and War on Want – as well as Compass. Already new protests against tax dodgers, the real “enemy within”, are being planned through website UK Uncut — they deserve our support.

The Guardian/Observer reports:

Security guards in Oxford Street bundled protesters and journalists, including Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, out of the London store before the group of about 70 to 80 protestors, chanting “Philip Green pay your tax”, left voluntarily and moved on the Arcadia’s BhS store, which also had to be closed briefly to shoppers, as did a Vodafone shop. The demonstrations remained good-natured and peaceful with many of those out shopping fairly sympathetic.

The protests received widespread coverage (such as on the BBC, in the Mail and a video here) including regional coverage about events in Oxford, Manchester and Brighton.

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