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LibDems censor Brokeback Britain

LibDem controlled Wrexham Council have banned the display of a picture depicting David Cameron and Nick Clegg as cowboys in an art exhibition at a council-run art gallery, claiming it is “too political to display in the run up to the Welsh Assembly elections“. The artist, Brain Jones, who has established a reputation for his politically suggestive New Pop Art, has condemned their action as censorship. His work apparently has a place at both the V&A and the House of Commons, but cannot, it seems, be shown to the people of Wrexham. 

The reference to Brokeback Mountain in connection the the Prime Minster and his deputy is not original, however. David Davis made the risky choice of the Boot and Flogger public house in which to make his remark about Clegg & Cameron as something akin to the two leading characters in Brokeback Mountain.

(Hat-tip: Kevin Maguire)

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  1. Steve Kelly says:

    Just a demonstration that the Lib Dems are finished. Talk about sexual frustration.

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