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Paul Krugman on Newsnight

In case you missed it, this is Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist, demolishing a Try MP and a Tory donor on last night’s Newsnight.


  1. Mick Hall says:

    I saw this, I thought at last someone with the ability to demolish the neo liberal crap from the asset stripper and Tory dope who are using this crises for ideological reasons. The asett stripper(hedge fund thief in todays language) and NN regular, was reduced to sighting Estonia as an example the whole world should follow. Still I suppose it is better than Murdoch’s crass suggestion.

    Paul face was a treat when he suddenly realised the calibre of those who he was debating with.

    Sadly given Newsnights record and Paxman’s grovelling to power, I doubt Paul will be invited back on.

  2. David Hall says:

    At last an economist who really does know how an economy works.

    Paxman and the other two non entities were out of their depth.

    It’s a shame that little Georgie couldn’t have been there, he may have learnt something. Was he watching the football?

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