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Atos debate in the House now fixed for Thursday 17 January

I am very pleased to announce that the elected Back-Bench Business Committe in the Commons has now arranged for a full 3-hour debate on Atos work capability assessments to take place in the main chamber (not in Westminster Hall where there has already previously been a debate on Atos) on Thursday 17 January starting shortly after noon.

I have already spoken to a large number of Members of all parties and am assured there will be a big turnout, so that people in a large number of constituencies (perhaps as many as 30) will be directly represented in the debate. I hope the speeches will cover a great many cases, though tragically there are so many hundreds of horrifying accounts flooding into MPs’ that not all of them can be specifically included. However I’m sure this will be a breakthrough in the fight against this appalling injustice, and we must all organise to ensure that it is.

I have myself received hundreds of heart-rending accounts from all over the country, and it’s difficult to do justice to the fear, indignity, distress and panic attacks that have been perpetrated on so many hundreds of thousands of disabled people (a total of 1.6 million recipients of Incapacity Benefit now being assessed at the rate of 10,000 a week). I just give a handful of examples:

  • “I went in to the assessment expecting a medical. What followed was the most humiliating experience of my life. The Atos ‘medic’ treated me worse than a piece of shit on his shoe. For 40 minutes I was subjected to his disapproving and disbelieving glare every time I opened my mouth to answer on of the very personal questions. I felt stripped of all dignity, belittled and degraded”.
  • “I live with the constant fear that if my mental health gets worse again, I will be left with nothing. Because of Atos’ quotas and inhuman tests, I feel that I am living without a safety net. I’m only a few steps away from living on the streets because I know I will be denied benefits as have thousands of others because mental illness is invisible and easy to deny”.
  • “I have a genetic, debilitating, degenerative condition that has no treatment and no cure. Even when Atos knows I can’t even attend one of their centres and has to send a doctor out to my home, why then do they start the whole procedure again and again?”

There’s a great deal to be said about reforming a patently flawed and failing system. As Linda, DPAC co-founder, has written: “The original groups, i.e. the support group and WRAG, are totally wrong. Because of this some people who have physical disabilities but who WITH THE RIGHT SUPPORT could work (if there were any jobs available) go into the support group because they can’t touch their nose, lift a pint of milk above their heads, etc., while people with mental health conditions, fluctuating impairments, or who have long-term illnesses are found fit for work simply because they can do a range of simple physical tasks, and that is more or less all the WCA tests for – purely functional abilityand the ability to do something once not repeatedly”.


  1. treborc says:

    Problem for me I know how some MPs think after three terms of Labour.

    I’m disabled my disability is classed as Paraplegia, Diabetic, and heart condition, which runs in the family.

    Now then what does labour think is wrong with me, I say this because in 1999 Labour contacted me to be the outstanding Labour ass hole to get back to work, I had written a letter to my MP who handed it to the minister for the DWP who then asked one of his SPADs to contact me, who stated stop moaning, well what he actually said was Stop F*cking moaning and get off your fat ass and get a job, it would be better if you packed up and left this Labour party, because your old labour and we are new labour.

    So a little bit further down the line I could not see any thing changing and left.

    But if this could be changed then I would have a far better change under the Tories then under Miliband leadership.

    I will remind you .

    I knocked on a door the man who answered was obviously disabled, but I knew he could do something, which was confirmed when I knocked on the next door neighbour who confirmed …Miliband asked a neighbour he could not face the disabled person, says all I need to know about Newer labour,

    Now the first question is why did you not ask the disabled chap what was wrong with him and why he could not work, why did you need to ask the next door neighbour.

    If the chap was dying do you think he may have told his next door neigbour none of my neighbours knows my problems.

    I’m going through my WCA now at this very week, and I suspect that Paraplegia will not come high on Newer labour list.

    So how many MP agree that the WCA is bad, so far I believe it to be twelve, Byrne, Flint Burham and the rest of the new labour clique believe they were right to bring in Freuds medical although it’s not really a medical, it’s a tick box WCA.

    Sorry I see this meeting as being a nothing.

  2. Dave says:

    “Byrne, Flint Burham and the rest of the new labour clique believe they were right to bring in Freuds medical”

    Oh yes, Labour’s front bench is packed with wannabe Tories. I jacked in my L.P. membership a couple of months ago on learning of Burham’s role* in the marketisation of the NHS – with his NHS Global project.

    Labour’s front bench disgust me.


  3. daniel knell says:

    Daniel knell

    At age of 17 i got my NVQ, 1.2.3 In capentry, Since Then i started working for many company’s.

    6 Month’s before accident, i was Just started my own buisness.

    Ive been Told By DLA, Incpapity and Industrial injuries, Im 30% too 40% disabled. Since 2003.Many Assements, over 8 years

    Since 2012 march. Ive been told from Industrail injuries im not disabled anymore. Money stopped. Apeall Got to wait 80 weeks, Still waiting on 10/01/2013

    Since Reascement for DLA on 2011, I was givin life, for my disability. High rate, and medium care.Been reciving DLA since accident.But not life.

    Being on Low income, and having the council balifs Come Round and industrial injury’s gone in 2011… had to give up my home after 11 years.(reposstion)

    If i was able to work, Do you think i would just give up my home, or work for £600+ ( please take a look at incoming and out going’s)How i have lived, since parnter split 5years ago.

    I can prove ATOs is lieing, if you read the report’s.

    If this still fail’s. I will not be able to go on, JSA. Why, How do i get to the jobcenter. Taxi. it will cost £40 to collect £70. and the

    extra pain it will couse.

    Why Been recieveing injection’s Cordal’s) and now i carnt have any.(sinus) = more pain.
    No mention off it.In any of ATOS Report,s.

    Might asweel commit suicide. like i did afew years back, But atos says im not depressed.. And im not on Anti depresant’s.. Amatriptline. WHY.

    I will speak to new doctor,Becouse ATOS Has force to move out of erea..=New doctor.

    This Drug alone,(amatriptyline) While if you had no other problem’s. You would not be able to work…crazy sleep pattern’s. And In a Zombie State.

    Why did ATOS..

    Send me to nottingham, 12 miles, When i could have gone Mansfield. 5 miles == less pain.(traveling)

    Why did ATOS say My MRI scan is normal, i took it with me.

    Why did ATOS.. Make out i got a Bus Home.. Its inpossible for me too use buss. Can only go by Car,(taxI) and lowering the seet back. (Industrial Injuires).

    Why did ATOS.. Make out i sat for 15mins in a chair, I always use, there medical Beanch’s. Dont sit up right, Have to do that While traveling.
    And While At ATOS, I had too see another Doctor, In another room. Becouse Medical bench was in front of computer…

    Why did ATOS.. Say im not depresded. And not taking anything for deprestion.

    Why did ATOS.. Make out I go Supermarket shopping.. When i have always had it delivered.

    Why did ATOS not state why i did not do the Pysical, Travel and movment,= pain for what.. ? to get 9 point’s

    Why Atos.. Send a chegue for £25 for taxi, Now got to pay £20 to take it too bank. Taxi For EESA. Assesment

    Why Atos,not mentioned about problem’s on Medication. ( bleeding from rare end) Week and unstable

    Why dont I take a video recorder, next time.

    Why are they making me even more ill, they already made me lose my home, and all my belonging.

    Why does atos make you bend, when you score no point’s from it. That Unreal,


    ask doctor for letter about deprestion, and ds1500 report.

    And why i had my injection’s stoped.(sinus)

    I got benifit’s while i had injection’s, now in more pain, they stop it. With a very painful sinus. Pops up once a week.

    Talk to doctors about, chest, number 2, and about getting injection again.

    So badly need it. Ans i send love too them who do not know what they doing.

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