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New poll would give Syriza half the seats in Greek parliament

Alexis Tsipras, leader of SyrizaThe latest opinion poll conducted by Palmos Analysis and published yesterday, records a 10.5% SYRIZA lead over the ruling right-wing New Democracy party, after don’t knows are excluded. This would be sufficient to give SYRIZA half the votes in the Greek parliament since seats are awarded in proportion to votes cast for all parties winning over 3% of the votes, but the first placed party receives an additional 50 seats.. The next election must be held no later than June 2016.

The detailed results of the poll are as follows:

Votes (%) Error (%) Seats (#)
Syriza 35.5 ±2.8 150
New Democracy 25.0 ±2.5 71
The River 7.5 ±1.4 21
Pasok 6.5 ±1.3 18
Golden Dawn 6.0 ±1.3 17
KKE 5.0 ±1.2 14
ANEL 3.0 ±0.9 9
88.5 300

One Comment

  1. David Ellis says:

    And what will they be doing with this parliamentary majority?

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