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4000 UK Uncut members in mass civil disobedience tomorrow in central London

UKUNCUTUK Uncut is planning a spectacular act of mass disobedience opposing austerity in central London tomorrow, with over 4,000 people expected to attend. Precise details of the action are being kept under wraps, but the group has promised bold, exciting and creative direct action at a prominent location. Protests are also being held in a number of cities and towns across the country, including Gloucester, Nottingham and Newcastle.

The protest follows the Queen’s Speech on Thursday, in which the Queen announced the government’s commitment to harsh austerity measures, including removing the social security for Britain’s poorest families.

These commitments come in spite of the fact that austerity has slowed down the British economy and the richest continue to dodge billions of pounds in tax. The economist Ed Dolan has statedBritain’s economy is recovering despite austerity, not because of it”, while tax expert Richard Murphy estimates the UK tax gap to be as high as £120 billion.

UK Uncut has held over 800 protests up and down the country since its foundation in 2010. During its biggest ever day of action, it held 45 protest in different towns and cities across the UK. [4] The group also pressured Starbucks into “repaying” £10m tax to the treasury and took Goldman Sachs to court to recoup interest payments on tax.

Activist Suzy Blackwell said:

The Tories have let the mega-rich get away with dodging billions in tax while telling us austerity is necessary. The cuts are political choice, not an economic necessity. This government wants to destroy the welfare state and privatise our vital public services. Austerity is just an excuse to transfer public services into private hands, to protect the rich and punish the poor. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t help our economy or our society.”

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  1. swatantra says:

    Mass protests every where, but unfortunately Uncut forgot to tell us where in London. Anyway I went to Trafalgar Square to the rally in support of Candy Udwin, sacked for being a Union Rep and taking her colleagues out on a 40 day strike. So now the Arts and Culture are being severely hit by the cuts, and the National Gallery is being privatised. Its a disgrace. Its Arts ad Culture that give dignity to the human soul and make life worth living.

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