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Jeremy Corbyn delivers another strong performance at PMQs

CorbynFollowing on from his grilling of Theresa May on grammar schools, Jeremy Corbyn won a further round of plaudits for his performance yesterday at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Corbyn’s opening salvo against Amber Rudd’s policy to “name and shame” workers received a flat denial from May, who claimed that public lists of which companies hire large amounts of foreign workers were not Conservative policy, to which Corbyn replied that May was, “slightly unaware of what is going on”.

The Leader of the Opposition followed this up with a series of questions on Brexit, including quoting May’s own words back at her. Corbyn said, “Someone once said that leaving the single market would risk a loss of investors and business and we risk going backwards when it comes to international trade. That person is now the Prime Minister and that was before the referendum.”

Andrew Sparrow at the Guardian has argued Corbyn has, “an adequate serve, but no return”, while Jason Beattie at the Mirror figures that while there was “no question which caused Mrs May to trip over her own feet”, 

You can watch the full programme here.

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