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Tuesday’s Yellow Pages at Conference 2017

Each year the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Left Futures and Labour Briefing (the magazine of the Labour Briefing Co-operative), produces a guide to conference called Yellow Pages. This guide aims to help delegates understand conference goings-on and point out which motions to support in order to best support Jeremy Corbyn and the policies he supports.

Tuesday’s version of Yellow Pages can be downloaded here.


  1. C MacMackin says:

    Excellent news that the Work, Pensions &
    Equality section of the NPF report was referred back!

    I’m rather concerned that ASLEF is calling for investment in “roads and runways” as well as rail. If we want to address climate change we need to have fewer cars and plains. Runways in particular should be opposed, because there is no easy replacement for jet fuel.

    1. David Pavett says:

      Yes, very good news about the Work & Pensions reference back. As the Yellow pages say this a first and should be used by the left (some of whom have taken their job less than seriously) on all the Commissions that from now on we expect some proper research and some weighty draft policies. I don’t know if all the work that some of us put into encouraging party members and conference delegates to read the NPF Annual Report played any part in the reference back. It would be nice to know.

      It is a pity that some of the other very poor reports have gone through without a hint of criticism but at least a signal has been sent to the NPF. And the truly awful Early Years, Education & Skills report has, I think still to be considered.

      It’s good news too that Jewish Voices for Labour has established itself with a well-attended meeting making it harder to confuse legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies with anti-Semitism.

      Also welcome that the proposal that Labour should support uncontrolled migration from any part of the globe did not make it onto the order papers.

      1. C MacMackin says:

        I contacted my CLP’s delegate to ask about this. She didn’t know exactly what caused the reference back but said she had been discussing the NPF reports with colleagues and emailing the reviews to lots of other delegates. She seemed to think this was one part of the forces coming together to refer back the report.

        1. Peter Rowlands says:

          It was an issue prior to the report, because the relieving of the shortfall in benefits had not been costed in the manifesto, although I think there is now some commitment to this.

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