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Private school Clegg: have our politicians no shame?

by Conrad Landin.

Surprise, surprise. Nick Clegg, the man who once said the attainment gap between state and private schools was “corrosive for our society and damaging to our economy”, is considering going private for his own son. “I’ve never, ever, ever sought to make my children’s education or my children a political football,” he told radio station […]

Life with Ed – spotlight on the Parliamentary Labour Party

by Kelvin Hopkins.

The left got it absolutely right in voting for Ed Miliband – sometimes as number two to Diane Abbott – in the leadership election back in 2010. Diane spoke for the left in the hustings and shifted the debate away from the ground where the heir to Blair position felt comfortable. Since then the Party […]

Excuses, excuses: will no-one rid our papers of these turbulent ‘parents’?

by Conrad Landin.

It’s a rite of passage for the chatterati. Send your kids to private school. Feel guilty. Feel the necessity to explain it over the Caesar salad and rioja. Then look for a solution to turn the whole thing around, be lauded as a brave non-conformist, feel good about yourself, and never have to repeat your excuses again.

Diane Abbott deserves our support

by Jon Lansman.

Diane Abbott was stitched up today by her political opponents. And too many Labour people who should know better assisted in that process. She should perhaps have been more careful about her use of Twitter – a form of instant communication it’s easy to forget is on the public record. But her tweet was then […]

Blue Labour is a blind alley

by Diane Abbott.

Blue Labour debate: Glasman, Abbott and Flint

by Jon Lansman.

Good performance by Diane, especially on immigration, social housing and casualisation of labour. Form your own judgement!

Diane Abbott is shadow public health minister

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Miliband has appointed Diane Abbott as shadow public health minister, no 2 to John Healey. Since she came 35th in the shadow cabinet poll and this is the first junior post to be made public, it is an important signal that Ed Miliband (unlike much of the PLP who elected the shadow cabinet) wants […]

Diane Abbott wins standing ovation and boost in Shadow Cabinet election

by Jon Lansman.

Diane Abbott, speaking to Labour conference as a losing leadership candidate, won loud cheers and a standing ovation — enthusiastic amongst delegates but noticeably reluctant amongst MPs, perhaps because she revealed that she was going to add to the competition which so many of them are about to face in the shadow cabinet elections.

But what if David Wins?

by Andy Newman.

Voting is almost over, and in reality I am sure that there are few punters cool enough, or indecisive enough, to be casting at this eleventh hour. At the outset of the contest Jon Cruddas made the wise observation that even though he had known all the candidates personally for 20 years, he didn’t really […]

YouGov Poll on Leadership: treat with caution

by Jon Lansman.

The YouGov poll for the Sun on the Labour Leadership election provides the best detailed data on the election to date. Above all, this poll demonstrates conclusively that this is ultimately a race between the brothers Miliband. The headline findings are that David Miliband leads on first preferences amongst party and trade union members as […]

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