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Left take strong lead in election for Labour’s national executive

by Jon Lansman.

Although the final nominations have not yet been published in the election for constituency representatives on Labour’s national executive, the left moved into a decisive lead this week. Although nominations, most of which have been made by constituency delegates elected prior to the Corbyn surge of last summer, are likely to understate the left’s support in […]

How a party faction is preventing party members voting for me for Labour’s NEC

by Rhea Wolfson.

Over the past few weeks, I have been delighted to receive support for my candidacy for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) from a broad spectrum of opinion within the party, including nominations from dozens of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs). It is clear that many members want to see me elected to the NEC. However, I […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s May executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 17 May 2016 The major subject for debate at the NEC were the reports from Baroness Jan Royall. These were handed round at the meeting and collected up at the end. In addition, Shami Chakrabarti attended the NEC to discuss the framework for her inquiry. There was a very friendly and positive […]

Make sure your CLP nominates centre-left candidates for Labour’s national executive

by Jon Lansman.

You have six weeks left (until Friday 24 June) to ensure that your constituency Labour Party nominates a candidate for election to Labour’s executive who can be relied upon to back the leader who was elected only 8 months ago with the strongest mandate of any Labour leader, and the programme he stood for. So far, […]

GMB condemns antisemitic abuse of centre-left candidate for Labour executive

by Newsdesk.

GMB Scotland today utterly condemned the vile antisemitic abuse suffered by their Glasgow Branch Secretary, Rhea Wolfson, who is standing for a position on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC). A spate of deliberate attacks on social media by Nazi propagandists occurred following confirmation of Rhea’s candidacy and GMB Scotland have said they will […]

Rhea Wolfson replaces Ken Livingstone on left slate for Labour’s executive

by Newsdesk.

Momentum, the  grassroots network that arose out of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign, has decided to support Rhea Wolfson’s bid for Labour’s national executive committee (NEC). Wolfson, Co-Chair of the Co-op Party Youth, joins Ann Black, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams, Christine Shawcroft, and Pete Willsman on the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) slate, which supports Jeremy Corbyn’s […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s March executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 15 March 2016 Ann Black reports on Labour’s national executive committee meeting which took place this month. This was a shorter meeting than January, only five-and-a-half hours. Glenis Willmott MEP opened with her European report, pleased that the government had finally applied for flood relief funds after Labour lobbying. Talks with Turkey were aimed […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s March executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 15 March 2016 The main item on the agenda, referred from the January National Executive Committee (NEC), was to review and amend the NEC’s governance. This includes the NEC’s Terms of Reference, Subcommittee Protocols, and the NEC’s Standing Orders. John McDonnell was also down to attend his first NEC meeting. 

Pete Willsman’s Report for Labour’s January Executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 26 January 2016 The executive was faced with a very heavy agenda for the meeting because not only was there the much-heralded arrival of Margaret Beckett’s Learning the Lessons taskforce report, but we were to hear from Alan Johnson who is masterminding our Labour In For Britain referendum campaign, and Kezia Dugdale, the Leader […]

Centralisation versus democracy: Labour’s national executive makes its choice

by Jon Lansman.

This afternoon, Labour’s national executive (NEC) will discuss under the rather dull heading “NEC Terms of Reference and Committees” an important matter: how much power should lie with its grassroots members. Most NEC members understand that what the rulebook says about the primary purpose of the NEC being to “provide a strategic direction for the party” […]

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