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Some by-elections really do change politics

by David Osler.

It is not every day that Westminster witnesses a sensational by-election victory, driven by an unshakeably anti-imperialist appeal to a minority religious community, but combined with an unfashionably leftwing socialist subtext.  No wonder most of the pundits were nonplussed. But when Fermanagh and South Tyrone chose Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby Sands as its […]

Sign of Labour recovery in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

A poll for yesterday’s Scottish Times shows encouraging signs of a Labour recovery in Scotland. Although the Times (and other Scottish news media) lead on the poll’s findings in respect of independence and devolution (anti-independence, pro-devo-max which was also the most popular in a 3-way choice), the poll’s findings on Westminster voting intentions are rather […]

The animated debate on Scottish independence

by Jon Lansman.

Scottish independence, as seen from Taiwan. Marvelous. Watch out for the reference to the 700th anniversary of Mel Gibson’s death, and the Irn-bru powered starship. Hat-tip Bella Caledonia.

Time to bury New Labour in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

The results in Scotland are a disaster for Labour, but they are a disaster made in Scotland. According to poll results, in a Westminster election, Labour’s support in Scotland would be slightly up on last year’s General election, which was itself, at 42%, a good result for Labour, up 2.5% on 2005. Not that this should […]

The Tories: fear them, hate them by all means, but be in awe of their genius

by Owen Jones.

For many Labour supporters who woke up this morning, this is what ‘schadenfreude’ was introduced into the lexicon for. The smell of toast Lib Dem wafted through their windows up and down the country. In the year since Britain fell back under Tory domination, the most passionate vitriol has been reserved for the Lib Dems: […]

Why is Scottish Labour under-performing? Too fixated on Westminster?

by Jon Lansman.

NOW UPDATED The latest You Gov poll for Scotland on Sunday shows that the SNP are favourites to form the next Scottish Government — a dramatic turnaround from only a few weeks ago. It implies that the SNP could govern much more easily as a minority, or form a majority government with any party it […]

Labour leading in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

The latest poll points to a Labour lead in the battle for the Scottish Parliament by 7% over the SNP in the regional votes which are normally the best predictor of the seats each party is likely to win. The YouGov poll shows that Labour is likely to do worse in the constituency elections — […]

Poll blow for Labour in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

As the SNP launch their campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections, Labour faces a much closer fight than it hoped according to the latest Ipsos MORI poll for the Times (£). Whereas the same pollsters put Labour 10 points ahead of the SNP in November and another pollster had Labour 16 points ahead last month, […]

The ‘No to AV’ campaign needs to engage with Labour voters and fast….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

In May, alongside the local and (in Scotland and Wales at least) national elections, there is the small matter  of a referendum to change our voting system to consider. We know that the first electoral test for the Coalition will motivate Labour voters to turn-out and Labour activists to ensure a high turnout. Turnout will […]

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