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Aaron Porter: recruiting sergeant for the ultra-left?

by Owen Jones.

Are you a burnt-out paperseller for an obscure left-wing sect? Fed up with traipsing around shopping centres in the freezing cold on a Saturday morning, desperately trying to flog your rag to apathetic youngsters? Running out of creative ideas to make dialectics sexy for a whole new generation? Well – your days of chairing poorly-attended […]

Back to the future?

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Something of an impassioned debate has been taking place re; the future of the student movement. Despite seeming new and exciting its my view that this debate has run pretty much along firmly established lines. One side, throws the baby out with the bath water and declares everything that has gone before is rubbish. The […]

Leaderless youth will not bring this Government down

by Owen Jones.

The modern left has few more treasured iconic events than the French uprising of May 1968. 10 million workers occupied or walked out of their workplaces in the biggest general strike in European history. Thousands of radical students demanded the end of French capitalism. As barricades were erected across the nation, President Charles de Gaulle flew to […]

Postal workers support students because their struggle is right

by Billy Hayes.

Billy Hayes, General Secretay of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), was due to speak to a London rally organised by the National Union of Students (NUS) and the University and College Union on 9th December 2010. Because of crowds and road closures Billy could not reach the rally. This is what he would have said… […]

More anti-tax avoidance action planned

by Jon Lansman.

Courtesy of UK Uncut, we bring the details of further anti-tax avoidance action this Saturday. Also, tomorrow, the day of the tuition fee votes, students have vowed to shut down London.  Here is a handy map with some places protesters might want to visit on their day out. As UK Uncut reminds us, “the tax […]

Labour’s command & control regime, for some but not for others

by Jon Lansman.

Command and control is alive and well on Labour’s front bench. Ed Miliband may be criticised for having a blank sheet of paper about the future but Alan Johnson and the Treasury team plan to keep it that way, at least when it comes to spending commitments. Any front bench spokesperson who plans to say […]

Labour can be a home for this new movement….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

We can say with about 95% confidence that the government will win the vote to abolish the cap on tuition fees on Thursday. The Liberal Democrats will split three ways with some supporting, some abstaining and some opposing. However, those Lib Dems who oppose will be few in number and possibly even totally offset by […]

Mass student protests planned for tuition fees vote

by Jon Lansman.

The National Union of Students has announced a day of lobbying for Thursday 9 December, the date that MPs are to vote on controversial plans to raise tuition fees in England which was confirmed by ministers this week. The vote will be a critical test for the coalition, which has faced mass protests over its […]

Targetting Topshop

by Jon Lansman.

The targetting of Topshop and the rest of Philip Green’s Arcadia empire is a triumph of organisation by anti-cuts and tax avoidance activists through website UK Uncut. These are the people who have been targetting Vodaphone, closing over 30 Vodafone stores repeatedly from Glasgow to Plymouth in protest at their £6bn tax dodge. In a […]

We need a united conference of the Labour Left….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Events at Millbank should make us realise the shortcomings of the Labour Party. Currently it is failing in its duty as an opposition to present a clear alternative to the government. It’s failing on the economy to move beyond soundbites and is hamstrung by its swallowing whole of the ‘debt crisis’ moral panic. It’s failing […]

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